Journey Into the Click Track Profit Gauntlet

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So for today's video I thought I would take you guys along with me for my daily journey into the
Click Track profit Gauntlet. So we can see how people are promoting their favorite programs.

Before we go in I want to explain to you what the CTP Gauntlet is and what it isn't at least my interpretation of it.
It is not a traffic exchange it is a traffic review site . To me your not reviewing the site you are or you should be reviewing how the site is being promoted

Are they branding themselves are they building their list if they don't own the program. the gauntlet is also to give tips or ideas that might help them get better results . Saying stuff like this is a great site is not a good review. But the key is Promote You first Build your List then on the back end tell your list about your favorite programs

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Wow that was really great advice about building your list and promoting you first @scottrohn, and also very nice overview of how to properly use the gauntlet, it's reviewing the page and not the program, and it's not a traffic exchange, it's awesome.

Ps. do make sure to claim your Dtube account, and if you have log in with both your Steem account and your Dtube account when publishing, plus you can also publish your Youtube video directly to Dtube without having to upload twice.

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thanks for your comment and tank you for your tip I'll have to try that next time I do a video

Thanks @scottrohn, and thank you for creating awesome content.

Great post there Scott and the video on dtube rocks. One day soon I will get in front of the camera myself - you are an inspiration to us all.

Hi @scottrohn , nice for the post on the Gauntlet, however, I have never been able to get DTube to load for me, always get site cannot be reached, it was no different with your Vid, so didnt get to see it, I am sure it was informative knowing the stuff you do :)

thanks for your comment Russell yea I don't get why it does that but the video is on youtube to if you want to go se it there

Thanks @scottrohn watching it now, :)

good video preview and guide for the gauntlet good job