The Road To 5000 CTP - Happy New Decade!!!!

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And here we go....

Happy New Year's...Errr Decade....!

And let's start the new decade off on the right foot with a brand new Road to 5000 CTP session :)

Special shout out to our featured member @RussellStockley for being one of the most epic content creators in our tribe right now!

And thank you to everyone who continues to help grow our tribe and bring massive value to each other's journey.

And finally, special thanks to @NathanMars for coming up with this concept and idea that we have been using every week now for over a year now.

This featured post could never have happened without you man, we miss you and hope to get you back on Steem soon!!!!

The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Hi @jongolson - Thanks for the shout out, as you mentioned, I love Appics and even have my partner involved. we have been trying to work out the most effective way and time to post etc, looking at all the matrices etc, still haven't figured out rhyme or reason, lol, except that people do like to see personalisation
Re CTP Token, have 13,000 staked at moment and increasing every day, also buying miners when I can.
I love the work of a number of members in CTPTalk, shout out to @elianagomes @ph1102 @ianballantine @flaxz just to name a few, there are many that are becoming more and more active. A big shout out to @thisisawesome for supporting CTP posts every day
Great vid Jon, well done

Thanks man! Yeah it's been awesome to watch....So cool to see everyone step up and create amazing content in 2019...I think 2020 is going to be even better!!

Thanks for the mention @russellstockley, and you well deserve the mention @jongolsson made for you, you're a true hero and very active on Appics, keep up your great work, and have an awesome 2020.


Thanks for the mention, Russell... I really enjoy reading your posts and watching awesome photos in Appics!

great first post of 2020 and congrats to all the people that got mentioned on this post .

Thanks man, first of many for sure :) Looking forward to a huge 2020!

Thanks for the mention... I appreciate it! I have to balance a little my blogging and engaging with doing some stuff in the background (building a list, generate traffic, writing emails...), but I hope that that will get to its place in 2020...

And regarding @RussellStockley, he is one of our purple cows... Writing amazing posts, full of knowledge and valuable experiences... Thank you, Russell, for doing that!

Happy New Year everyone! This one is our year!

You are awesome to watch man....Seriously it's been such a joy to see you embrace this tribe and everything that CTP is teaching. Thank you for your support....

Oh and BTW....

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Haha... thanks...
I was waiting for this moment when Blain and you will rub on my face everything that I did asking for IPN constantly... lol

It's my pleasure to receive these "punches" :)

totally amazed at the ideas y'all come up with to help us learn how to promote our businesses...thank you!

Thank you for taking part and for all the support. Rest up and get well soon :)

thanks... better every day, tomorrow I see the surgeon.... hope I get to go home!!

Awesome Stuff @jongolson! #2020 to hitting goals and making it happen!


Good to see you on the blockchain man.....Just had a plate of Doubles and thinking of you ;)

Happy 2020 man!

Lawdddd you got my mouth watering fam! LOL

I'm not that far yet as most folks here seem to be, but I'm happy with the 400+ ctp staked in my account.

man that’s a great start for sure. we will keep supporting your engagement here for sure :)

Thanks! That means a lot 😊

Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and for all the great support you give to the CTPtalk tribe, it's consistently growing and with the IPN it will explode with creativity.

Great pick with @russellstockley, he's a really great guy with the right mentality and a proven track record, and he's just crushin it in Appics, and he also comes with a CTP post every now and then containing great words of wisdom, and always engaging with the members in CTPtalk.

And as to @nathanmars, on my personal account @flaxz, he was instrumental in supporting me early on with the Seven77 movement and he even got me a delegation of 1000 SP for 90 days that really helped me grow a lot, plus the fact that the videos gave me the courage to start doing videos on DTube, that's how it started.

I wish you an Awesome Year ahead and keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Yeah man, I miss the guy a ton. He was exactly what Steem needed.

Yeah I know, but now we have Pixie to show the way. 👍😀🙏

Road to 5,000 tick done now I have added another 0 to that better look out @jongolson you are next on the list for me to pass.
Have a great year and enjoy the next decade Jon.

ha ha ha ha slow down man!!!! You are quickly becoming the king!!!

Slow Down??
All I can say to that is CTP Miners has helped my cause for earning CTP tokens.
Hint there for some to heed.
I can also add they give me good voting power to help people earn more Tokens and the more Tokens one has also adds to good voting power which equates to impress me with a post and a person will earn.
I have faith in CTP and where it is going so I will keep supporting it and CTP Talk and the participants.
Only thing for me is to try and post more that part I am slack at but if I become a King just in my holdings and it helps others I can live with that.
P.S. I can't slow down that would be like giving up. I am still breathing :)

lol Appreciate you man.

Yeah the miners have been great for sure.

Great to see @RussellStockley as the featured member of the week. He has been around for decades at it is great to see him on Steem. I hope everyone has a great decade and New Year! I will try and break down and post more on CTP talk this year, as well as continue to curate daily. As for the down vote guy he will come around in the long run. Sorry to hear that you are still getting hit for buying sbi as it is a great program that will benefit all.

Awesome man, yeah been watching your stuff lately. Great goals you have written down!

I agree Jon @RussellStockely has some awesome and spot on posts. Couldn't think of a better person to spotlight. Hope this year is the best ever for everyone.

Thanks man, yeah he's just been crushing it with the content. Awesome to see him embrace it so much!

Happy new decade.. Wait, what? 😂😂 anyway, I'm slowly moving forward, now passed 6k. Goals keep moving forward too. 😊😊 happy to see everyone doing so well 😉👍

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Awesome to hear that, I'm sure you triple that very soon here :)

It is awesome to see @RussellStockley featured as this week's featured member. He always brightens my day with his humor, beautiful #APX photos & care he shows others. Congratulations & keep on crushing it, Russell.

I am super excited now that 2020 is here. Even though we can start with a clean slate at anytime we choose, there's nothing like doing so at the start of a new decade. While I am not one to believe in resolutions (they can be so easily broken), I have many goals & new things to explore that will take me out of my comfort zone this year.

#CPTtalk & #steem will be big parts of it. As always, thanks for a great video & for all you do! #2020Vision is in full force! 🙌🧚💚🙏

Run with that hashtag!!!!!!!!!! Big!!!!

Definitely!! That is the mission statement! 🙌🧚✨

Wow, really amazing shout out from you. Soon I join.