13 Hours Later...

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After staking 15 more DBALL in the DBF pool, I now have 1.021 DBALL to harvest.


Yesterday I harvested $0.16 worth off 1.5 DBALL I was gifted, for a fee of $0.33 in BNB.
Looking at the fee costs, I realized I needed a larger amount of DBALL staked.


I bought some POB tokens for cheap the other week, so I leveraged my #proofofbrain tokens to speculate on this. If I can get 50 POB worth back, and enough LEO to cover the fees, I will consider it a success. If I lose too much on fees, then we can appreciate how cheap it is to put CUBs in our CubDefi den, as I compare the two projects.

0.00074046 BNB ($0.35) to swap bleo to BUSD
0.00048273 BNB ($0.23) BUSD to DBALL
0.000745835 BNB ($0.35) to stake DBALLS


I spent approximately $1.26 of BNB to do this.

And the result?

One more shiny brand new DBALL.
I pointed out some risks in my last post.


In a world that is changing so fast,
the biggest risk can be not taking any.



What's yiur take on @proofofbrainio? Will it be something more interesting than the former palnet?

And will you start with @dcrops?

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I bought all the cheap POB and forced the price up. I also made a point to remind everyone that ProofOfBrain is literally the social token mechanism. So it has a lot of potential. If I have any regret, is that I didn't buy more sooner. Oh well, sometimes you gotta be the guy that sends it to the moon!

Read this > https://peakd.com/hive-150329/@hivecoffee/what-is-proof-of-brain-exactly
and this > https://peakd.com/hive-150329/@hivecoffee/buy-the-cheap-pob-on-sale


“ In a world that is changing so fast,
the biggest risk can be not taking any.”

I completely agree and this is the reason why I want to give all these random DeFi apps a voice and get to know them and their motivations aswell as to convince them to onboard their communities and tokens into hive

Well I'm making DBALLs now
so thats pretty cool imo

5 days later,
This thing is like a black hole, its so heavy to hold just one.

I harvested 1.699 DBALL ($0.296) for a BNB fee of 0.00061939 BNB ($0.31) .
Thats a -0.014 for DragonBall Finance today, hopefully there is some upward price movement.

So right now CubDefi is 2:0 to other Defi projects I have looked at.
DragonBall Finance is much more expensive to use. And BudDefi completely collapsed. It's completely GONE now. Domain offline, that's what we call a RUG PULL. Ouch.


Thankfully that is not what the LeoFinance team is doing with CubDefi, who are actually building a successful Defi project for the long term.

"7135 LEO is our total investment so far"