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RE: Scavenger Hunt Tips You Need To know

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Thanks for the awesome tip Aaron @greensempire! I have for a long time used Tab Accelerator to surf multiple sites but never applied it to the Scavenger Hunts. I will do that soon. One other thing that I thought that would help save time is like you said stop surfing all the sites just before the page that Luke is supposed to be found on. Then you go to The CTP Extra Drop Down Menu to see which site Luke is currently at. When you find Luke you receive a clickable banner that lets you know where to go next. This will be fun!


Thanks for the Comment Ken, Yes you get it , Makes it a whole lot easier for you to earn Credits as well. Also if you are surfing those sites you might want to see if one or two of them have Team Surfing for sites you are on and earn some extra points for your team as well. Have a Great weekend.