#MyHiveGoals - Two Weeks' Worth

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Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to post #MyHiveGoals last week. Therefore, this post will cover a two week period.


Before I get into the totals, lets talk about a couple of changes that I implemented since the previous post.

First of all, the LEO community has taken a significant role in improving the HIVE landscape as well as having more improvements on the horizon. In addition to this, the LEO token has taken the lead in earnings for all level 2 HIVE tokens. Due to these facts, I have decided to add a goal of attaining 75 LEO tokens by 6/30 and 150 LEO tokens by 12/31.

Also, after some deliberation, I have decided to realign the token holdings of my various HIVE accounts to be more in line with their respective functions. Therefore, I have moved all of my dividend bearing tokens into this account thus drastically increasing the BRO, INDEX, and DHEDGE totals.

Let's take a look a look at where I stand today:

HIVE POWER = 1,500 (June goal) - 783.396 (current HP) = 716.604 to reach my first goal

This is less than a six HIVE increase from two weeks ago. This is not going to cut it. I have been converting my liquid HIVE into dividend bearing tokens up to now, but I may have to rethink that strategy.

CTP POWER = 15,000 (June goal) - 7,559.921 (current CTP Power) = 7,440.079 to reach my first goal

With over 350 CTP tokens earned in the past two weeks, this total is much more acceptable. However, after some calculations, I have determined that I need to be earning that amount each week in order to reach my goal.

LEO POWER = 75 (June goal) - 39.57 (current LEO Power) = 30.43 to reach my first goal

This is probably my weakest area of all of these goals. Most of my posts do not have anything to do with finances, so I may end up purchasing and/or trading for a good bit of these tokens.

BRO = 50 (June goal) - 24.20450945 (current BRO holdings) = 25.79549055 to reach my first goal
INDEX = 150 (June goal) - 109 (current INDEX holdings) = 41 to reach my first goal
DHEDGE = 500 (June goal) - 409.84600889 (current DHEDGE holdings) = 90.15399111 to reach my first goal

With these totals much closer to my June goal, it might allow me to focus on the others that are lacking. I'll have to see how things progress over the next week or two now that I have made the changes.

I have been more consistant with my commenting and curating and doing better with my content creation. In addition to that, I have instituted reward.app to help me maintain more consistancy. Also this past week, I have created a new gaming HIVE account and started posting from it, as well. I should start receiving the compensation for my increased activity this week so I will have a better feel for my progress next week.


Awesome stuff man!

Keep pushing....Those goals are very achievable!

Thank you so much for your encouragement.

Thanks for posting your goals and using the #myhivegoals hashtag. When @lisamgentile1961 recommended that I read Consistency is the New Currency, it really resonated within me. Especially when it came to goal setting.

One of their recommendations (that I need to follow myself) is to make ER goals, ie: words that end in ER: wealthier, healthier, happier, etc. And then make specific links in a chain to make that goal occur. Work on adding a link to the chain daily and don't break the chain.

For me, I want to get to the point where what I do on the side surpasses my day income, and I can work for myself, and have more freedom of schedule to spend my days with family.

Good luck with your goals.

For me, I want to get to the point where what I do on the side surpasses my day income, and I can work for myself, and have more freedom of schedule to spend my days with family.

Great minds...
This has been my ultimate goal for several years. I call it "unemployable".

I have a hard time setting goals for which I cannot control the actions (posting four times a week, commenting 5 times a day, etc.). I cannot control how much I can earn or ER goals. I guess I'll have to take things one step at a time (let's see if I reach my June goals, first). 😃

Thanks for your support.

Not bad at all a great place to start. Remember goals are good by you should always try and beat your deadlines doing so will be even more rewarding and push you that much harder. Create milestones for youself so you can see progress over time. Overall just CRUSH IT and 10x it!

Thank you for your input. Yes, I definiately want to reach my goals early, if possible. However, if I reach my goal for one and am short on another, I may refocus my efforts in order to try to reach all goals by my deadline. Otherwise, I will continue to break through those goals and push forward with new goals.

  • YOUR Goals look interesting to me😆

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This is a great example for goal setting. I like the whiteboard! Blessings in Love and abundance to you and your family!

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