#MyHiveGoals - My inaugural post

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Welcome to my inaugural #MyHiveGoals post of 2021. I have taken @jongolson's lead and started tracking my goals on a weekly basis. After nailing down the numbers last weekend, I will look at my progress starting today. Here are my initial goals:


As you can see, I set my goals up in two different time frames. My initial thought was that since last year was my first earning crypto and I did not start seriously trying to earn until almost half way through 2020, I should be able to repeat last year's numbers in the first six months (doubling my numbers) and then do my six month goal again the second half of the year (thereby tripling my last year's numbers).

With that said, let's see where I stand:

HIVE POWER = 1,500 (June goal) - 777.687 (current HP) = 722.313 to reach my first goal

This will be a large undertaking for me. I was able to supplement my activity with a few fiat purchases last year, but with my current workload reduced, I don't know when I'll be able to do that again. I am going to have to up my game a do a lot more earning.

CTP POWER = 15,000 (June goal) - 7 200.000 (current CTP Power) = 7,800.000 to reach my first goal

This one is actually a bit skewed. A good bit of my current amount has been delegated to me and I have no control over whether that will stay or not. However, I am working under the assumption that it's not going anywhere (at least for now) and will use it to earn more as quickly as I can. If I can stay on track, I should be able to cut the percentage that is delegated down from around 56% to 27% by the end of June and to about 13.5% by the end of the year. This one may have to be re-evaluated if something unexpected happens.

BRO = 50 (June goal) - 9.843523 (current BRO holdings) = 40.156477 to reach my first goal
INDEX = 150 (June goal) - 66 (current INDEX holdings) - 84 to reach my first goal
DHEDGE = 500 (June goal) - 177.98279496 (current DHEDGE holdings) - 322.01720504 to reach my first goal

I have taken a more aggressive approach to dividend bearing tokens this year. With that in mind, I am not interested in every token I will be receiving in dividends. Therefore, I am taking those tokens that I don't want to stake and reinvesting them in more dividend bearing tokens in order to expedite the procurement of these tokens. I just started this activity in November of last year, so I don't have a good handle, yet, on how quickly I will be able to accumulate these tokens. That is why my goals for BRO, INDEX, and DHEDGE are more than double and triple my last year's amounts. We'll just have to see how well I do at working these transactions. Well, these are my token goals for the coming year and where I currently stand.

I have also made some activity goals that I started this week, as well. Each week I want to create at least 4 posts of some sort. I have fallen short of that goal this week (I didn't do any since I stated my plan last weekend). I have started one, but it has taken me longer to prepare the associated video than I originally intended. Hopefully, as I get into the swing of things, this will become easier. Since this is the first post for the next week, I have already made an improvement. :)

Finally, I have set daily goals of at least 5 comments and 10 additional upvotes each day. I reached my commenting goals all but one day this past week. I also was was able to complete my upvote commitment each day.

This activity will help increase my token earnings and help increase my HIVE and CTP staking. As I earn other tagged tokens that I am not interested in, those will be converted into more dividend bearing tokens.

So that's my plan and I'm sticking to it. I'll be back next weekend with another update to #MyHiveGoals. What are your goals? How is your progress toward those goals? Leave a comment and let me know how your doing.


Very realistic goal:) I am sure you will do it!

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm hoping that posting my progress each week will help keep me on track toward reaching these goals.

Smart people are saying that following the goal by writing and checking the progress is the smartest thing that you can do so you are a smart guy :)

All I do is find somebody that has what I want and follow their example. The people making money create goals, so if it works for them, it should work for me, too. 😀

I love your dedication! I'm not great with that much structure... I either enjoy myself and find the rhythm or I don't. But I really should find a happy medium that allows me to sharpen my discipline and be a bit more consistent. Thanks for sharing your plan, @theroad2freedom. It could be helpful for others to have some perspective when considering their own plans. Cheers! 👍

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Thank for taking the time to read and respond to my post. When it comes to making any kind of progress toward your goals, the main thing that determines your success is consistency. Find the parts that you enjoy and do them every day. You can do it!

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