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Haven't seen you around lately, don't give up! If I could offer you some advice, try and make your images larger.

This post has paid out now so can't give it a vote. Following.


Thanks mate, people like you give me hope. I'm taking some time off virtually all internet marketing activity and doing some gaming for a while.

I may soon attend a security officer training course as a couple of mates have each offered me seurity work if I get my licence. Yeah, I really am offline popular! Most of the stuff Mary and I have in our apartment have been given to us by very generous friends, who also have very generous friends.

I need to decide if I should stay with Steam. At the moment, I'm powering down all my Steam wallets as more likely I'll leave. Too many bullies wanting to rip us off. Steam must change, and embrace some regulation to limit destructive forces, at the expense of a little bit of liberty; better that than the lose of the whole platform to scammers, spammers, and slammers.

Too many bullies wanting to rip us off.

I would be interested in your view on this, I am part of an anti-abuse group to keep the abuse down. If you create your own content, and don't buy votes you won't get hit by anybody. That was the whole original premise behind Steemit / STEEM.

The 'bullies' are mostly just that, anti-abuse people. The 'victims' abusers who think they have been wronged, picked on for stealing images, creating vote farms, use paid services to get on Trending etc...

They make a lot of noise, cause a lot of drama and people see it as negative. I would prefer the abusers to all fuck off to put it bluntly. My role would be much easier.

Steam must change, and embrace some regulation to limit destructive forces

It will never be centralised, that the beauty of this place and what makes it different from any where else.

I almost gave up once, and was pulled back by words of encouragement, just like the ones I'm giving you now.

I feel you have a place here.

Thanks for your comments. You are right, I shouldn't give up just because of the negative influencers. I agree, too much abuse and I'm not a fan of bots or any other automated system. Now I'm sounding like a hypocrate! I too benefited from those systems. Anyway, I'll make a final decision in a week or two, when I have more self time and less distractions. Btw, I do like the BTC up-trend, and hope that continues now that Potus has the China deal he was after.

Hello dear @ianballantine.

Just as our friend @slobberchops thinks, I recommend that you use another strategy here on steemit. New communities have emerged and now there are new healthier ways to grow here without having to rub shoulders with those bullies.

Since you like games, you may find a new gamebrowser proposal fascinating which is about to be launched on the blockchain steem. Good luck!!

Happy 2020!
Your friend, Juan.

Thanks Juan, great to know I have so many awesome friends here on Steem. I'll stay with Steem for a little while yet and see what happens; just won't be actively engaging for now.

Regards Sir. @ianballantine.

I am very happy to know that you intend to give Steemit another little chance.

For me it is always a real pleasure to keep in touch with valuable people like you, so it would be the right time to communicate my idea:

Precisely at this moment we are needing some people to help us in a brainstorm that we are developing for a new modality of our project @project.hope of which I am co-founder.

We've been working on launching our own curation trail and it's currently it's in ... let's call it: experimental phase.

Please let me know what you think and drop a comment whenever you can. I would greately appreciate your time.

Your friend, Juan.