I Am Engaged Challenge Relaunch 10-13-2020

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Good Morning Everyone,

A few months ago I introduced a new challenge for you. In the tradition of "I Am Alive", I started the "I Am Engaged" challenge.

I have gotten away from this challenge for a few weeks so today I am relaunching the IAEC.

I got the idea for IAEC from watching the CTP "Crypto Monday" telecast on 6/8/2020 (https://www.facebook.com/ClickTrackProfit/videos/264789704759505), Jon talked about the 5/500/5000 plan at about minute 14:00. I would suggest you watch the entire video but this section explains about how we get to 5000 Hive Power and become a Dolphin at Hive.

The journey to Dolphin all begins with Engagement.

So here is how this will work.

  1. Engage with at least 5 people everyday by upvoting and commenting on their posts at CTP Talk, PeakD or Hive.

  2. Follow the people you engage with.

  3. Write a post on your CTP Talk, PeakD or Hive account listing the usernames and titles of the posts where you upvoted and commented. I would also write a short comment about their posts.

  4. Use the hashtag #IAmEngaged to spread the word

That's it! Easy Peasy!

So here is my first post for the relaunched of the "I An Engaged Challenge" for 10/13/2020

  1. Plan To Succeed Or You Plan To Fail by @benthomaswwd Has some great ideas about business planning. https://www.ctptalk.com/ctp/@benthomaswwd/plan-to-succeed-or-you-plan-to-fail

  2. Chooseday Thoughts: Remember The Good Times | IAAC 173rd by @iamraincrystal. Thanks for the reminder to look towards the positive! https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-155221/@iamraincrystal/-s437340427812870843507703t1l7163

  3. Free Trial Subscriptions – When free is not free after all by @behiver A great warning about "free trials" https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-167922/@behiver/free-trial-subscriptions-when-free-is-not-free-after-all

  4. Being an entrepreneur by @minhajulmredol. A very interesting article about being an entrepreneur

  5. Why you should take advantage of Hive-engine tokens today! by @tomlee makes a good case for accumulating and staking crypyo. https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-167922/@tomlee/why-you-should-take-advantage-of-hive-engine-tokens-today

On To Dolphin Status,
Steven Ackerman

P.S. If you have suggestions please let me know how we can improve this challenge

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Feel free to stop by and make a comment or ask a question.

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Engagement is necessary in this space. Thanks for the mention and reading my post.

Thank you for highlighting my post. I really think so. You guys are doing great on engaging. Keep it up and best of luck for you. Thanks again.

Great post Steven @slackerman new here just finding my feet really thanks for the mention bro think i need to start making notes of everything that is going on theres a lot LOL

Have a blessed day

Thanks for the support. If you haven't seen it yet there is a great guide that will help you with your understanding of the Hive Blockchain called the Hive Guide. https://thehiveguide.com/ackerman I highly recommend it. It is absolutely free to join.

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I have been off of the challenges for awhile. These last couple of months have been a struggle. Working my way back to some level of normal.

thanks for the feature 😉👍🏼

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