Welcome to 2020 with 20/20

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What an apt number for a year ahead

I have seen a number of people use the analogy and I have used it numerous times now, but in the Year 2020 we can focus on 20/20 vision

What is 20/20 vision – this refers to visual acuity and actually means that you can see at a distance of 20 feet very clearly, this is actually normal vision but as we get a little bit more ‘Mature’ often our vision starts to deteriorate, and as most of us are spending inordinate amounts of time in front of a computer screen, effectively making our standard focus point only 2 feet away, our vision starts to waver quite considerably.

So to have 20/20 vision is like having super sight these days lol

And what does super sight give us, well it gives us the ability to see clearly whats ahead and make appropriate adjustments to allow for what we see.

How do we apply this to business, well if we can see whets ahead then we can determine the direction that we need to go to be able to negotiate more responsively. It allows us to be pro active instead of reactive and it allows us to be able to speculate as to what else is coming ahead.

Think of it like a set of traffic lights, if we can see the color of the lights from 20 feet away then we have plenty of time to be able to actively predict what we might be coming up to, if the lights are green then we can to a certain degree safely negotiate the intersection, bearing in mind that 20/20 vision is not about just looking straight ahead, we do have a radius of vision that we can take into account.

When looking ahead in business we can see all the contingencies that are coming towards us , or that we are travelling towards. Click Track Profit has been promoting building your list heavily since its re launch, and it is no surprise that they have now introduced a gamified way of helping people to do this, so it should be no surprise to you that if you take the step to start building your lists then you will also be able to see that as you travel forwards your list will start to grow and you will see more and more ways that you can utilise to help this list grow. And as you see your list grow you will see more and more opportunities that you can use that list for.

So in 2020 make concerted efforts to maintain 20/20 vision and allow it to continue setting the direction for you, allow it to help you navigate the expanse that 2020 is going to bring and watch yourself grow and watch your vision get even stronger.

Getting to the top of the mountain is not so people can see you but so that you can see people. The higher up you get the more you can see.

Happy New Year to you all and I look forwards to watching you all grow and look forwards to climbing mountains with you all.

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Happy New Year 2020!!
Thanks for this good post!

Hi @sigskeie
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Great analogy Russell! I look forward to climbing the mountain with you as we move forward into the 2020 decade! My #CTP username is KenWolff Happy New Year!

Hi @wolffden
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Great post Russell, and being able to see what is ahead on our journey is paramount to plan it in a manner that earns us the best result, building your list is a must to make it as an affiliate marketer, it's a way to accumulate future results, have an Awesome New Year ahead.

Hi @flaxz
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Thank you very much Russell, I just leveled up because of it, have an Awesome year ahead.

Happy new year and post. I like your comparison of 20/20 vision and business analogy ctp username howyf

Hi @howyf2 thanks for your comment on this post
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Have a fantastic day

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too Russell.

You have championed the need for list building well in this article. There can be no mistake, we have to build our own lists and no longer rely on other sites. Too much has happened over the past year or two, with sites closing down or no longer paying out the commissions we expected.

I look forward to another year of working closely with you Russell, and so many other CTP members, as we learn to adapt to the challenges ahead. My CTP username is the same handle I use here, and thanks in advance for your XP gift. Good on ya, mate!

Hi @ianballantine - Thanks for the comment and encouragement :) I have sent some CTP XP to you :)

Thanks for the CTP XP Russell, muchly appreciated.

Great post, Russell... The problem is that when we are getting older, we have more XP, so maybe that's why we have "foggy" vision... :) We calculate more than when we were younger... more hesitate...

Or maybe it's just me... :)

hello @ph1102 - Thanks for your comments as always. I reckon as we get older its just our arms get shorter .

I have sent some CTP XP your way

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