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Determine Your Top 3 Goals

It is almost time to determine your top three goals for the Guinea Pig Challenge. If you started keeping track of your goals the day after @jongolsen announced GPC, you will complete your 14 days this Thursday, July 7, 2020. The next step is to determine your top 3 goals.

To help you determine your top 3 goals, I developed a spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheet at An 'How to Use' video is below and also available at

Since this is a one-time spreadsheet, there is nothing fancy about it. As you can see, you enter your goals on the left and the goal's priority in the columns to the right. There are 14 columns, one for each day you recorded your goals. The first day is easy. Enter your first goal in the #1 position and a '1' in the next column. Enter your second goal in the #2 position and a '2' in the next column. Just keep repeating until you reach #10.

The next 13 days are a little more complicated. If your like me you did not write down your 10 goals in the same order as day 1. You may not have even written down all the same goals. So for days 2 through 13, you need to check if a goal is already in the list on the left. If it is, enter the goal's priority under the appropriate day's column. For example, on day 1, your goal to get a 50' boat was #1, #3 on the second day, #7 on the third day. You get the idea every day a particular goal's priority could change. The 14 priorities for your 50' boat look like 1, 3, 7, 4, 3, 2, 2....

Again if you are like me, a new goal may show up on you list. If that is the case, add it to the bottom of the goals list. Enter the new goal's priority in the appropriate day's column.

After all 14 days information has been entered, press CNTL-ALT-SHIFT-1. This will sort the goals from highest priority to lowest. The top 3 goals are the ones for the Guinea Pig Challenge. I cannot guarantee the the sort macro will work for all spreadsheets. It did not work for me using LibreOffice. Please watch the video for the alternate method.

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This is awesome work, Bob! Thanks for sharing it. I am about a week behind. I didn't start till last week so I have some catching up to do!

Note sure you can catch up you will just be starting a different time. I have been trying to catch up to @flaxz in the #iamalivechallenge for 100 days and I am still the same number of days behind.

Lmao 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅🙃🙃🙃


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Great work Bob, and nice that you have made a spreadsheet for sorting your goals and get them in order according to priority, thanks for sharing.

I hope you find it helpful. Might save you a few minutes.

This is brilliant. On so many levels!

Thank you for doing this and creating it for the community!

Hopefully, that is how the top 3 goals are determined. I had no internet to attend last night's meeting, have to watch the replay.

Good job, Bob! Thanks for creating this for easier tracking!

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That was my hope to make the decision of the top 3 a little easier.

Is nice.I havent started yet