Good Morning & Happy Tuesday

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True enough!! Congrats on your @ctptalk wheel of engagement feature 😉👍🏼

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He he thanks girl! :) It was a nice surprise :)

Very thought provoking, Jenn! Congratulations on having the featured post in the CTP Wheel of Engagement!

Aw thanks Lisa! I appreciate you! :) I am glad it inspired you 💚

You're welcome, Jenn! I appreciate you too! ❤️ Have a great day!

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I wish you a very nice day Jenn!

And I wish you the same, Achim! (Wednesday now ha ha) 💚

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Happy Tuesday! yup quite an inspiration, put your 100 percent to achieve that you like to have.

Hello! Happy Wednesday now ha ha. And yes, exactly. Success comes from the passion you have for that dream & the action to implement it! :) 💛

Happy #hive5 Tuesday 👋👋👋👋👋

Hello #Hive To you (and now it's Wednesday ha ha ha) 🙌🙌💚

Interesting thouths...

Thank you! I always like finding interesting quotes to post. It's fun sharing the amazing wisdom out there in the world. :)

I agrie

It's Wednesday, and happy day! :)
Nice quote, and so true... There is no success without the sacrifice!

Amen! And yes Happy Wednesday lolol....

Thank you for the kind words :) 💚

Really wise words there Pixie, and Happy Wednesday.

So if you're going to sacrifice something anyway, you may as well get what you want. Nice thoughts Jenn.

Boom!'s kind of the Jon Olson mentality. What can you give up to make your dreams come true? :) I liked this quote as well especially since people each have a different perspective from it!

Thanks for the kind words, Mike :) 💛

This is so true, that is why I am determined to work my business and no longer stand for it to be the sacrifice.

Good for you & I have every confidence you WILL succeed! :) It's amazing what a shift you go through once you make that decision! 💛

Thats a real good quote. So true.

Thank you! It resonated with me as well. Amazing how some quotes can really hit you. :) 💚

Yeah, there is quite a lot of nice quotes so it happens from time to time.