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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. I am learning what it means to be a giving person. This is a BIBLE passage from 1 Tim 6:18-Be Rich In Good Deeds, And (Be ) Generous And Willing To Share.

When I look at my Journey so far, There are numerous people who have poured out their generous spirit to me. Don and Janet Legere, Rob Gehring, Jon Olson and Blain Jones just to name a few. I get good feedback from people like Michael Camire, Elizabeta Ramsak, Gail Quantock, Kevin M,Lisa Gentile, helping me to grow outside of my comfort zone. Encouraging me to do the daily tasks that make a business grow.

I want to give recognition to Jeff Haden

People Are Hard-Wired To Be Kind And Generous, Says Study ...

They give: generously, selflessly, and without expectation of return. They give because their happiness--and their success--comes from someone else's happiness and someone else's success.

These people give The gift of praise. They know that a few words of recognition--especially when that recognition is publicly given--could just be the nudge that inspires an average performer to become a great performer.

They give the gift of requesting help. When you ask for help several things happen. You implicitly show you respect the person giving the advice. You show you respect that person's experience, skill, and insight. And you show you trust that other person, since by asking for help you've made yourself vulnerable.

They give the gift of privacy. Remarkably giving people not only respect another person's privacy, but they also help them guard their privacy--because they know it's not necessary to know in order to care.

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you ...
How will you become a person of GIVING? We all need to work together, building a dynasty for GENERATIONS to come.
Give Every Day Out Of The Joy Of Your Heart



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Happy to be of help on your journey! Thanks for the mention! Safe travels!

You are absolutely right about the people you mention in this post! many of them have helped me as well! I have resteemed this post to by blog.


Is great community and ty to mention me.My pleasure to comment and see your progress.