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I tried transcribing before, it was extremely tedious to me and took a loooooong time. I ended up making something along the lines of 6 bucks an hour. I figured that if I got twice as good, I would be making $12 and minimum wage where I was working before was $18, so it seemed like a bad idea to keep at it. Scoping is a version of transcribing but you learn how to read short hand. I am training for it right now. I do like the work of it which is helping court reporters type out their depositions. I guess its cause I am nosy.

I did have a writing gig until last month when the publication lost their funding, and I have done some editing - but it seems like constantly having to look for gigs - which is exhausting. Maybe if I had a few constants.

Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read. I suspect my "real" "problem" is that I am over eclectic and could do many different things which means I end up doing none.


I get it (especially the nosy part!). I would be a lousy private consultant if I had to find my next gig! I hope you find a comfortable niche sooner than later, even better if it finds you :)