I Can't Do It...

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In 2011, I joined #ClickTrackProfit. During the first 10 months, I didn't even log in to my account. I was pretty new to marketing. I had surfed a few websites, like I Love Hits, StartXchange, Thumbvu and possibly WebtrafficInsider, but I barely knew how to do that. I then opted into TeProfits run by Scott Douglas and everything changed for me from then on.

I ventured back to #CTP and upgraded to Pro and I followed most of the lessons, about 78% of them, and then I went off to practice what I had learned. I started a Wordpress blog that lasted 24 hours till it was hacked, but I didn't give up and 4 blogs later, I can say that I know enough to set up a site in an hour. I know what plugins I need to have, which ones work the best etc.,

We all know or should that content is king, but coming up with new topics to write about, can be daunting. Lots of times you're in the middle of doing something else and a topic pops into your head, but by the time you sit down to actually write it, it's gone, and you kinda get why Ernest Hemmingway ended up in the Keys drinking rum tatas. (my own word)

But alas, as I was logging into #steemit this morning, there it was, the answer. It was just one word that caught my eye, the word was VOICE. Most of us are walking around with it in our hand. Yes, smack me sideways, my own phone. You can record messages on your phone, why not your blog topic?

Big sigh of relief, now I will never run out of content again. I may look like an idiot sitting in a public washroom talking to myself, but hey it whatever works right.

Better still, you can upload your messages to Windows 10 and let Cortana translate your voice message to text. Now all you need to do is check your writing with #grammarly and you are set to blog your face off.

So for everyone in #ClickTrackProfit that has yet to start blogging, now you can say - " I CAN DO IT "

I feel like Tigger on a trampoline right now, I'm so excited by my revelation it's put me in blogging heaven ..Have a great Sunday everyone!


Good ideas for saving ideas you have :)

Love it @mebroeck Look forwards to seeing much posting :)

Thank you for the vote, and taking the time to read my post.

Awesome stuff....Yeah as weird as it can be, I get inspired for blogging content by taking trips to Wal Mart. True story lol

Walmart is a good source of inspiration. Now we can write blog posts while shopping. Thanks for sharing your place for content inspiration with us. Oh and the vote!

Driving when in a bad mood always lifts me up, strange stuff, we don't pick those galvanizing moments I guess :)

My experience has been to not drive, while in a bad mood because it only got me another speeding ticket. There you go, another blog topic. What Not To Do When In A Bad MOOd.

See? Got you inspired already :D

It was never easier to make money blogging than it is now, for sure.... I have a handful of blogs, and I make more there now, but for those who have no blogs, no online reputation and are starting from scratch, there literally isn't a place easier than Steem.

Steem gives you instant returns and gives you RETURNS, something most starting bloggers have to wait months writting every day to get.


I agree that blogging is a must if you are serious about earning online. I have my own niche blog sites that I plan on linking to the #steemit #ctp so I can reach a larger audience then I have right now. When I learn more about #steem I will be in the right place

Great idea! You shouldn't be out of topic easily anymore.👍

Since most of us are married to our phones, we should always have a topic ready for writing. Thank you for the vote and your kind comment.

I think that I will try your idea... We all have the same problem with ideas for writing and we have to memorize everything... No waste... :)
Thanks for the awesome post!

Most of the big social media teachers now stress the importance of setting up a "content schedule". Without having planned blog ideas and posts out before hand, it's nearly impossible to stick with blogging and see success with it. Good luck with your blog!

That is why you hire a ghostwriter. Spend some money to make some money.

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