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As getting #Steem gets more important day by day I even use #eobot to do so; trouble is: I 'make in a year' what I need an hour to make a living off it...

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I did NOT buy any of the #steem in that wallet ;-)

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

have fun trying to withdraw it lol

i have gotten withdraws from eobot but its rediocuclous waste of time.. well maybe not

you should be on twitter, posting ur steem ninja invite linK! u should be out there promoting steem engine, uc an make much mroe! gets ome steem engien SCOT upotes, u can do it man

i will teach u how to make MUCH better passive income methods

also u need to play https://prospectors.com u can get soem passive in game godl doin jpbs and its fun

CORRECTION I just got 2.3 EOS lol

OMGi just logged into eobot.com i realize THEY USE CAPTCHAS

we shoudl ask @rishi556 and @heimindanger who made captcha token and giftgiver.me if we can make a simple site that gives you some steem engine tokens liek captch and u do teh captcha to login and u can see self stajing toejns making money, or we can let peopel get paidin BTCp LTCp EOSp

I'm far from taking #eobot too serious or even waste much time on ot; besides they do not payout in #steem right now; however I only feeded the bird until now but I'll follow your idea and try to get an payout of my #Doge in there...

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