Set small simple goals

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Do you have an ultimate goal? A destination point that you aspire to?

They're often called Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

All too often, Big Hairy Goals can become overwhelming and intimidating. Many great ideas and aspirations are defeated before any attempt is made.

To overcome this, I have found that breaking down goals into ridiculously small milestones makes achievement much easier. Every step forward is a step to be celebrated. Nothing is easy. All achievements are achievements.

I find that writing things down every day makes a difference .

I start by writing down broad concepts. Today I have 4 items written down


The first two represent work I have to do for clients. The 3rd and 4th are self explanatory. These are broad concepts. I break them down further.

By way of example, AFH is broken down into research, Article 1, research, Article 2, Tip, Newsletter, Invoice, Email.

Each step along the way is an achievement. The client pays well but the subject matter is drier than an old chip that has been baked in the Saharan sun. If I don't break it down, I find it really hard to make a start, let alone get it done.

This is a micro daily level. It works for me.

On a macro level, big goals simply need to be broken down into smaller, achievable ones.

It works for me. If you're struggling with making progress, I suggest that you try something similar


I agree with you, it's great to have big long term goals but if you cut it up into manageable short term goals it makes it much easier to achieve the long term goals.

Setting goals is something I need to do better. I do have a list of daily tasks that I am fairly good at keeping.


If you're keeping a daily task list reckon you're halfway there

Nice one and good advice.

Something else that helps me is at the end of each day (work wise) to right down my most difficult task for the next day. When I start work the following day I then have to complete this task, called my FROG, before doing anything else. I have 2 hours autofilled in my calendar each morning to ensure I can at least get started on the task at hand. Very effective :)

That's an excellent strategy Patrick. I like that idea. I think 'll incorporate it into my routine