I Am Alive Day 1

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In fact, this is not the first day, but I was working without recording what I was working and today I did and I hope to photograph every day what I am doing so it may be useful.
1-After entering the site ctp today

And enter here through the portal


I did my first job at the following site


Then she moved sequentially, as the pictures below show






I gained 10 XP and one weekly entry The picture is also placed, and I wanted more, but I received one of the disturbing news and distracted her, so I am satisfied with this amount of work.


Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Kasel, and very welcome to the #LukeIsAlive contest, and yes don't forget to add the tag.

Made in Canva

@flaxz Game Master

#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

Made in Canva and RoundPhoto

I am happy with your response and I have put an article for the second day so I hope that you comment on it not for comment, but for guiding me whether it is correct or needs improvement.

Thanks @kaseldz, and do correct the tag on the latest posts, it has been misspelled it is #LukeIsAlive.

Hi there @kaseldz, great to see that you are doing the Scavanger Hunt, and this post also does qualify for the Luke Is Alive Contest, I would however very much appreciate if you included the #LukeIsAlive tag when posting, I could easily miss it otherwise (has happened before), the only reason I found it was because I looked through all new posts on CTPtalk.

As to the #IAmAliveChallenge, this post is not qualified, please refer to our guide if you want to join this challenge, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

You do not know any happiness overwhelmed me when I responded to my humble article and I will do with your valuable advice and everyone who gives me advice and the first challenge for me is to benefit, benefit and thank you again.

Great to hear, and if you got any questions just ask.

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I know that every response is a man or woman behind it, so I have the honor to respond to everyone who has contributed.

That is very true @kaseldz! Thanks for your kind words!
cheers, lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team