Where Have You Been Jongo? Another #MyHIVEGoals Update Today...

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Urgh, did I ever mention moving sucks?

So not only did I move across the continenet this past month, I ended up having to help my mom mover this weekend a few hundred kilometres away too....

So my 'awesome' record of creating regular content here on HIVE has been....Disrupted. Combine the fact that my internet was awful, hiccups with my video uploads and let's just say....I'm glad the week is done!

I've got a slew of posts planned this upcoming week but let's end the week with another update on my journey on HIVE....

That being said, I don't know how 'well' I performed during the past 7 days LOL

100,000 Hive Power

Welp.....The graph says it all!


The week started out good and then....Flatline!

While the curation rewards were fine and all, next week is going to suck because I only made 2 posts during the past 7 days.


But no whining, time to jump back on the horse and keep pushing forward.

100,000 - 65,326.507 = 34,673.493 Hive Power To Go!

25 Rewards Per Post

Did I mention this past week sucked for me? lol

But for some strange reason....My rewards went up!

Maybe people were feeling sorry for me LOL

No matter what, this upcoming week I need to do better....And I've got 'normal' internet so no excuses!!

19.358 (5.642 left to go)

10 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

So many members, so close...I think we've got a fe that are literally a few days or a week away from 5000 Hive Power!

You guys are crushing it...And even if I've sucked at being visible and around this past week, I'm always paying attention...So cool to see the tribe step up huge each and every day, not only on HIVE but also on Twitter...

#HIVE5 to all of you!!!


Always good to help family move. I hope the moving slows down now for you!!

Only one thing left to do...Pick up my family from the airport on Wednesday...After that....100% complete LOL

I can't imagine... moved 2x in my life less than an hour away and it wasnt fun.

You and your family made it and that's what counts! Happy to see you back.

Can't wait to get back into a normal routine LOL

Your posts have always inspired me, Jon!

So glad to hear that man...Sorry they haven't been a regular as they should be!

Happy to be reading your post Jon.

We missed your energy!

Been a crazy month but ready to get back on the horse!

Welcome back, Jon!! 😊😊 it's always great reading your posts.. So full of positive energy & so encouraging!! #hive #ctp to the moon 🚀🚀

Thanks Rose :)

Appreciate the kind words!!

Thanks for the mention, Jon... Now Twitter will go on fire! :)
#hive5 to you! :)

Maybe people were feeling sorry for me LOL

This is an interesting opinion... Maybe I should stop posting and test how much people feel sorry for me?

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Ha ha ha ha ha oh no doubt. Especially when you go by the beach....Pretty rough time you have there lol

#hive5 Jon, and yeah just get your move done and then back at your posting and all, trying to do both will just suck on both ends lol, and it is great to see the Dolphin Swarm moving closer, I will reach it tomorrow, just 7.2 Hive missing lol, keep up your great work.

Wow....So cool man!

Congrats on that massive achievement!!!!

you Hive beast, I'm the same but for Appics

I've been dumping Appics lol Too many selfies and dancing lol

The shit I'm into haha. Less control from power hungry anonymous people

Oh I hear ya....Be nice to have a healthy mix....

Four dots looks psychotic....

Oh it's INSANE man lol .......... <- how about that many? lol

Awesome looking Hive Power Growth.

Best of luck with your goal! :)

Thanks very much, always growing even if it's not a lot.

I have moved so many times throughout my life. My father was in the military so growing up we moved every 2 to 4 years. And as an adult I have kept on moving, I don't have a real "home town" the place I was born doesn't count because I never really lived there. That is the great thing about this community no matter where I live I can always call this home.

Yeah when I was younger we seemed to move every year or two...Past 15 years I've only moved 3 times.

All good man. All good 👍

Slow and steady :)

Why so negative? Instead of looking at what you didn't accomplish why not look at what you did? You moved across an entire, very large, continent. You helped your mother move, you got in a few posts and a couple of live seminars. I think you deserve to give yourself a break. You did more in one week than most people do in an entire month or more!


LOL Appreciate that man...I just like to hold myself accountable :)