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This isn't going to be a long post....

I've been so busy today working on this that I haven't had time to slow down and come up content LOL

But I think you'll understand why....

On the previous blockchain, we built this...


A step by step guide on how to use and understand the blockchain. It was a lot of fun. We used badges, added some gamification to the mix and our members really enjoyed it.

But then....

Hive happened :)

And we wanted to re-brand and re-make our little tutorial site for Hive but life got in the way. I moved across the continent this summer, that whole COVID thing was a thorn in everyone's side and it just didn't happen as quickly as we wanted it to.

However, that's about to change in a few days as we're putting the finishing touches on...


Excited doesn't begin to describe it!

We're following the same 'drip fed' method of presenting the lessons. Step by step instructions that you must complete before moving onto the next lesson...

This has been the core of @clicktrackprofit since it started in 2011...

ClickTrackProfit 9.png

(A screenshot of the inside of ClickTrackProfit.com - The first few modules new students see when they begin their journey...)

We believe this is the best way to 'onboard' new people to the blockchain.

By taking them step by step through fun and informative lessons, all while not overwhelming them with the 'super complicated' aspects of Hive.

Let them roll up their sleeves and learn by doing!

It's worked for us in all of our projects, ClickTrackProfit, BitcoinBully, SteemSavvy....So we KNOW it'll work for The Hive Guide :)

Oh man, did I mention I'm excited!!!!!!

Target launch is September 14th, but it may be a few days sooner, or later...Regardless, it's coming VERY soon!

I hope you guys really enjoy it and new people to Hive get a great kickstart on learning and diving into this amazing community!

Note: This post's beneficiary is @ctpsb We're kinda excited about this project so obviously...We wanna support it! Every post I make, 25% of the author rewards goes to members (and projects) within the CTP Tribe!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




Great announcement of The Hive Guide @jongolson, very needed to get people started and succeeding, now we just wait for the launch too, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Crossing fingers it'll be ready before next week... :)

Cannot wait! :) I know it's going to be another game changer! Keep up the great work & remember, You Are Awesome! 👍🙂😉💚

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*The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Yahhhhh! I've been waiting for this since the first time you mentioned it. I can't wait.

I loved steem savvy and know I will love this even more!

You guys keep doing it up!

This is a much better 'experience' than SteemSavvy :)

Hope you love it!

Nice job man! I like the logo and idea behind it!

Thanks :)

We're pumped....Can't wait to help bring excited new people to Hive!

sounds great Jon I hope it works as well as savvy did in its day id not even better. Keep at it !

Yeah we're simplifying it big time!

really looking forward to this site popping up and will be jumping on it straight away :

Have already increased my apr by .8% in the past 24 hours just from one little hint you put out, so chomping at the bit for this little package.

had to post this comment via peakd :)

That's awesome man!

Yeah it should be a ton of fun. Nothing too complicated to scare newbies away :)

@fionasfavourites tagged me in the comments and haven't come across you guys before but I've also written quite a lot of tutorials and guides for Steem before the fork and done a couple on Hive/PeakD since it began now and will pick things up again when I'm back from a break.

Looking forward to seeing how your concept pans out but definitely good call on the badges and unlocking the next feature/training.

Good to meet you man!

Crazy how big this blockchain is, you'd think people would cross paths earlier than this lol

Haha, that's the way it goes! It's a small but big place sometimes - nice to meet you too!

If you want to join forces for tutorials and guides, let me know, my door is always open for collaboration (although I'm having a digital detox from Friday 11th til Monday 28th September - just got to recharge the batteries 😄)

Yes! Been waiting for this to refer Newbees to somewhere!

Looking forward to it!

Hope it's exactly what people want :)

I am so glad to hear about this. I need somewhere to send noobs. It also occurs to me that @nickyhavey may have posts/material that may be of used. Going to check this out a bit later when I am at my desk.

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Thanks for the kind words. The site should be ready to rock in a few days, no later than a week :)

Looking forward to the launch. I think this could help out with getting more people onboard with Hive and CTP Talk. Not to mention the learning curve will be greatly shortened compared to what we all had to go through.

LOL Tell me about it. Hopefully it helps people navigate the 'confusing' parts of it easier.

This looks pretty exciting. I believe that this was really missing and it will be great to be able to send people to such a place when they start their Hive journey.

Thanks a lot for setting @ctpsb as beneficiary!

Lots of fun coming!

Yeah thinking how to integrate @ctpsb into all the posts more....Got some ideas.

I like the logo! It looks so cool!

And I would never guess that this was the secret project... :) SteemSavvy was great, and I have no doubts that The Hive Guide will be better!

I think from just the experience alone, combined with everything we do in the CTP Tribe....This will be a much easier explanation than Savvy was lol

oh wow! Fantastic idea to have this Hive Guide 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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Thanks Rose!

Appreciate the comments and support :)

Now that's a very sexy logo!
Can't wait to dig in!
Might help complement my Hive section inside CTP Blueprint :)
It will help so many for sure!
Let's rock!!!

We hope people really enjoy it. It's not meant for experienced Hive people...Newbies are the target market :)

Oh, man. SteemSavvy was sooooo good and I expect this to be even better.

Good on you Jon!

Thanks man...One little piece of the bigger Hive puzzle! Hope everyone thinks is valuable.

Super excited

You and me both man! :)

All I can say is your old tag line! Awesome Sauce! :)


Woo hoo! The secret is out & I commend you for keeping that "secret" he he....

So excited to see the "Hive Guide" - the logo looks fantastic & this is going to help so many new onboarders. Simplifying the whole process, while making it fun, is definitely the best way to go. I remember the Steem Savvy days & it made a HUGE difference. I believe this will go even beyond that!

Can't wait to start on this new adventure with you guys! :)

For sure....We're trying to develop this as the perfect onboarding tool.

Should help lots of people :)

I already have a newcomer that I want to pass this information along to. Impatiently waiting...

It's coming ;)

No doubt this is exciting and very informative for the newcomers

Thanks very much. Hope so...And if anything needs improving, we'll get on it ASAP for the blockchain :)

Doing my tiny part as an active advocator around my circle 😆

Hive can be a lot for a new user to take in all at once, for sure.

This is just like Hive University! I also saw someone else who is creating a guide for new users. I joined Steemit all the way back in May 2017 when it was just a wee little baby, and I wish there had been something like this when I was trying to learn the ropes.

I've pulled a few friends onto the platform over the years, but none of them really stuck around, and I feel it was mostly because it's so overwhelming for people who come here with no knowledge of what a blockchain is, or even cryptocurrencies are. Interacting with Steem/Hive is so much different than being on any of the big name social media platforms. I believe projects like The Hive Guide and Hive University will be invaluable to a new generation of Hivers? Hivians? Bees? 😅

I can't wait to see The Hive Guide's approach to onboarding and educating new users!

Wow, those posts are awesome man!

Yeah the more educated people get here, the better.

I think the biggest stumbling block for people on the blockchain is they get overwhelmed with so much info, so quickly....That's out goal. To simplify it while encouraging them to actually use the tools here!

Absolutely! Introducing new users about all the various tools, communities, Dapps and more that exist around here is part of my getting sponsors for each lesson. It gets the projects themselves lifetime advertising, shows the user many of the options they have here, and as a side effect, puts a couple dollars in my pocket for my efforts, and helps me build toward turning HiveU into a Dapp all its own!

In its evolved form, I also intend to gamify the courses in some way, as I've long been an advocate for gamifying education. It's awesome to see that you're also incorporating badges like CTP.

A few years back, I was heavy into affiliate marketing and traffic exchanges, and ClickTrackProfit was among the many sites I used to earn bonuses for my efforts. I'm sure my account still exists from when I was promoting a website I ran called MoneyFromHo.me 😅 Once I learned about Steemmit, I kinda dropped the affiliate work and started focusing more on my writing, and the blockchain has definitely changed my life for the better.

I've become that annoying guy in my hometown who's always trying to recruit local writers, artists, musicians, and anyone interested in a new way of investing/earning, but I'm okay with that if I can show even a few people that Hive can change their lives for the better as well!

Hive University will be my newest push toward recruitment, and once I turn it into more than a simple post series, I can literally just hand someone a business card that directs them to it.

Again, it's absolutely awesome to see people who believe in Hive enough to try and bring new people in for selfless reasons. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out The Hive Guide!

Ha too funny....Yeah CTP has been around for over a decade now and you'd be surprised at how many people were members back int he day...Actually met someone at Steemfest in Poland from the old CTP system.

Crazy small world....And yeah, pretty much the same...As soon as I discovered this place, all I kept telling myself is that it's the perfect fit for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Just need to educate them and make them feel comfortable!

Excited about The Hive Guide, the logo is awesome!

Thanks very much :)

Yeah we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it!

Looking forward to see how it all will work out. Very Interesting.

Thanks Sheila...We're very excited for it!

This is going to be exciting!

I'm very excited to get this out to the masses. Hope it helps bring a ton of awareness but more importantly more users to the blockchain!

The more, the merrier!

Hey fellow swarmers!

Awesome sauce, @jongolson and @blainjones! I'm excited for the new Hive Guide! It will be great to have somewhere to send potential referrals so that they can better understand the whole concept. A big thumbs up!

Stay safe, Lee :)

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