Two for One!! Day 3

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I am calling it a Post on day 3 because my third day of January hasn't ended yet!! I've been up for almost 24 hours. Let's talk tenacity! Let's talk about typing and re-typing 25 character passwords 3-4 times a day since Oct 4 2019. .. The first dApp I downloaded and had an interest in when I began this blockchain thing was

With six kids, I have struggled to stay on track with my personal exercise regime. I have always been a runner, I've completed 56 5Ks, 10 15Ks and 3 marathons. However, I haven't run a race in almost 18 months. So when Jon spoke about ActiFit I was very exited to download the app and get back to work. I did just that, I downloaded, I was diligent to keep the app open so it recorded my movement, I chose my daily activities, and the shining moment came to post to Steem. It's a bright red button. Simple. Easy... Quick....

Nope... Three months EXACTLY!! I have gotten the error message, "Error. Unable to upload to the blockchain" I have redone my password, tried different passwords, posting, active, reload app, sign in, sign out. I have reached out to members of the CTPT community.. you know who you are!! All have given me great advise, but none of it worked. Finally today, I reached out to the ActiFit Telegram group and they took the time to "watch" me try to log in... so under the direction of the moderator I typed in my posting password again and....... VIOLA!

Yay, me!!! I put in all this hard work to get this little crapper to upload.... I had said to myself yesterday it was time to give up on ActiFit, I was searching for another way to post my activity via a screenshot elsewhere and not worrying about collecting the currency... and then I could hear all the amazing people within this community, "Don't give up, Don't give up." So now here at 2:45am ... I am a success!!
Let this be a lesson that even the small things are small steps to your bigger success! Don't give up, keep going.

Stay tuned for Day 4 later today!!... A Two for One day!!


Well Done @jennawash5 Tenacity is a great attribute at time lol, glad that you got the app to work for you, I had similar story with Appics , persisted and now am an Appics addict :)

Thanks! I am definitely trying to narrow down my niche here on Steem. Totally addicting!

It's always like that... The success is always behind the last corner... or just one click far away...
See you in Actifit... I've started using it actively with my @ph1102.ctp account... I will try to add you as a friend...

I will see you there!!!

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