MLM Facebook And Email Invite Strategy

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Send the following message to maximum 10 people who you are not friend with on Facebook.

Find 10 people by going through the advertising groups and the pages of motivational speakers.  You can also search marketing related hashtags on twitter then search for the people on Facebook... 

... "I saw you on twitter and checked out your profile".


I saw you commenting / posting in an ad groups and check out your profile.  Seems that you are into marketing as I am.

Are you still interested in learning about marketing systems and strategies that could help to increase the money that you make from the Internet?

Just give me a quick "Yes" if you are interested.

If not, no big deal.


Thanks for your interest

The system will make you a bit of money every day... even on days when you cannot get anyone to join.

Go check it out.. 


Orange Leads will give you the contact details of people in your local area who have been looking at ways to make money on line.

MLM Recruiting On Demand will also give you 5 leads for every 1 free member that you invite.

Step by step... this is how I go about contacting leads via email.

1.  Create a new Gmail account.

2.. Go to setting and post a copy of the following message in the "Vacation Responder".


Re: Paid Every Friday

How to succeed is more important than the opportunity that you choose to make a success of.

Here is the link to our local leads and system that will pay you every Friday...

Ian Bartley


3. Send a copy of the following message to a minimum of 5 people every day.

Remember, success in this type of business is getting a lot of people to do a little. Do as much as you can. However, do not put off doing a little because you cannot do a lot.

Are you sill at Park Ave?

Hi  Manuel,   

Are you sill at  Park Ave?

Within five minute of sending a blank email to me at

...  you will receive the link to a system that will give you the contact  details of other people in Baltimore who are already building a business  or actively looking to start a business on the Internet.

If  you like systems that can help you to grow without having to spend your  money on advertising, this is one system that you should not overlook.

Best of all, it is free to get started.

Just send a blank email to me right now then check your inbox for an email with the subject heading...  "Re: Paid Every Friday".

Here is the email that you need to send to again...

To your success,
Ian Bartley

Learn how to get free bitcoins every day and cash every Friday.


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These are the kind of tips and advice I've been looking for. I will make this part of my plan/strategy. Thanks and keep it coming.