Blowing Away Fake Accounts in the Middle of Typhoon Haishen!

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Typhoon Haishen is charging by Kyushu and western Honshu as it heads for the Korean peninsula. Here in Hiroshima the wind has started to rage as the outer edge of the typhoon passes by...

I have been doing some raging of my own recently as a large number of fake "referrals" have been appearing as unconfirmed members of my site, so I am spending this morning removing all those accounts from my site while we still have electricity and Internet access...

By the way, I have a strict policy towards unconfirmed accounts, fake or not. If someone joins EDB but doesn't confirm their account, I send one reminder and if they don't respond within 48 hours, I delete the account. So when I announce the latest membership stats, they are for CONFIRMED members only. Right now there are 750 confirmed members of EDB.

I forgot to mention in the video that September 2020 is the 2nd anniversary of the launch of EliteDownlineBuilder! Wow.

Here's an EDB Promo Code to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of EDB - and as a reward for reading this post: EDBis2

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David Hurley



I looked at your site, it is wonderful @hirohurl

Hi @medaymane, which one did you look at? Thank you for checking it out!

Bot networks are always a problem in all niches... I had a problem with them in my hosting management script, and of course, in WordPress contact forms...
Regular cleanups are usually necessary and part of the job...

Oh yes, I have once again removed the contact forms from my Wordpress blogs. Even with some added security, they still attract too much spam. I direct people to contact me via my Webtalk page instead, and that solves the problem!

the same with my site, occasionally teher is an increase and the new accounts also just have erandom letters as names, they usually do not verify account, I do the same, del;ete the fakes
If people cannot use a real name then I will end up deleting

Have you noticed a big uptick in fake accounts over the last few weeks?