#3StepsNoExcuses Day 26: Be Ye Doers Of The Word on CTP Talk

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This seems like a relatively quick and easy day for me today! Here I am DOING something on CTP Talk yet again!

Step 1 CTP: Introducting CTP Talk

Today's lesson is the intro video to the CTP Talk series in the Click Track Profit training section. There are ten videos in all, which will bring you up to speed with how CTPTalk works and how you can earn by blogging and curating content on the CTPTalk platform.


However, if you have not yet set up an account on the Hive blockchain, that is the first step you need to take. I suggest you watch the excellent training videos inside the Hive Guide - they will teach you all about the Hive blockchain and you can view them all free of charge.

Step 2 Listnerds: The 3 Second Rule

One writing tip I picked up several years ago was to start writing your email (or whatever) and then delete the introductory sentences as they are probably just waffle. Jump right in, no messing about!

When posting on Listnerds, for example, don't write a screed and don't post your CTA and link miles down the page. It causes friction and a fair percentage of people will probably abandon your email without reading it and without scrolling down to click the link.

Most of those who do scroll down probably scroll right past all the blather. I know I do! I just want to click the link to earn my credits.

But if I can read the whole email in a glimpse of the eye, and click without scrolling, I'll be primed for the landing page and more likely to arrive there!

So keep it short and simple.

Step 3 Plus1Success: DO!

Clearly, by publishing this blog post I am doing something today!

However, I also remember that I have not yet done one of the steps from a few days ago, which was to do a live broadcast, although I committed in writing to doing so.

The good news is that I have a four-day break this weekend, and that should coincide with my completing the 30 day #3StepsNoExcuses, so I WILL DO a live broadcast on one of those days, most likely this Friday, and most likely on YouTube...

Cheers for now!

David Hurley