#3StepsNoExcuses Day 19: 1440 Minutes To Get Dirty

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Today's message in a nutshell is this:

We have 1,440 minutes in a day (Plus1Success) in which to get dirty (CTP)!

Sounds like fun, but what does it mean? Let's check out each step in turn...

Step 1 CTP: Get Dirty!

The message in today's video is really to roll up your sleeves and get actively engaging with your network, and reach out to others to extend your network.

In short, "get dirty" = "get involved with people" - don't stand aloof, or try to "make money" while remaining anonymous and disengaged.

One way to get engaged with others is to reply to their social media posts. Another way is to make a point of commenting on other people's blog posts on CTPTalk.

Honestly, I am sometimes disappointed at the amount of ZERO comment posts I have on CTPTalk! But then I have to ask myself...

"How many people's posts have I commented on today?"

Upvoting is easy enough. You just hit the up arrow. Heck, you don't even have to read someone's post to upvote it. But COMMENTING in any meaningful way means you have to spend some TIME (1440 minutes) reading their blog post or watching their video...

I do read quite a few posts and respond with comments here and there, but I decided to comment on at least FIVE CTPTalk posts today, especially on posts by people who I haven't responded to before, people who post some content RELATED TO CTPTalk and who have only earned single digit amounts of CTP Tokens...

So far today I've posted a comment on posts by @lisamgentile1961 and @elianaicgomes whose posts I have commented on several times before.

As for reaching out to new people, I started following, and posted a comment on a post by @psimpson67 and subscribed to his YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJHPUzl5cqZlGAhqnCRUfA

Next, I started following and commented on a post by @edgerik who completed the Scavenger Hunt.

Then Rob Willman's latest post on his new initiative, @threesteps popped up so I checked it out and posted a comment.

Finally, I had to search CTPTalk using the #clicktrackprofit tag to find another suitable post to upvote and comment on, and it was one reporting on the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge by @jimmy.adames who I am now following on CTPTalk and Twitter:

Step 2 Listnerds: Follow the experts!

This tip is all about subscribing to the email newsletters of Internet marketing experts and to study the content of their email letters. Do they pitch from the get-go or do they take the time to offer value and build trust first?

I did a search for top marketing newsletters, and one that I decided to opt in to was by Neil Patel. I've seen his blogging tips and so I know he is an expert in this field.

Also, to subscribe to his list you first have to fill in a short questionairre just as Ryan Levesque describes in the book, "Ask," which I'm reading as part of this #3StepsNoExcuses challenge.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 1.58.40 PM.png

So let's see what comes out on the other side of the questionnaire - will I really get some useful feedback explicitly tailored to improving MY specific blog and increasing my traffic? Or will it be generic advice disguised as personalized feedback?!

Meanwhile, I will keep on looking for some other marketing expert lists to subscribe to...

Step 3 Plus1Success: 1440 Minutes In A Day

The advice here is to "get up 30 minutes earlier" during the work week and dedicate the extra two and a half hours to building your business or working on whatever project it is that you "haven't had time" to work on...

Well, with college term looming, I will be getting up earlier several days a week. One project that I trust I will revive is getting up earlier in the morning to do my "7 minute workout" before heading out to teach. (For some reason I find it easier to get up earlier and workout on days when I start teaching at 9am than on days when I have no classes scheduled!)

Okay, that's all for now - I seem to have used up a large proportion of my 1440 minutes working on today's 3Steps and getting this blog written!

All the best,

David Hurley


Awesome post @hirohurl 🙏🏼 Thanks for the follow and the mention. Agree with @threesteps, your writing style rocks!

Thanks, @jimmy.adames ! I was very pleased to find a #ctp post by somebody new to me that was relevant and offered value. Keep up the good work!

Very inspiring post David I myself am guilty of not commenting on enough posts, which I plan to rectify, starting today.

Thank you, @kurttasche ! Oh, I am guilty of that too! But commenting means a lot to bloggers and does a lot to build and strengthen your network.

Thanks for reaching out. I'm now following you on CTPTalk!


As always you write beautifully. Thanks for the mention.

You had a great #3StepsNoExcuses day and reading posts like this is a joy. And to think when this is all said and done, you can also document the earnings in ctp and hive you received on your posts over 30 days. :)

Thanks for the compliment, Rob. It is appreciated.

Yes, at the end of the 30 days we can look see how much CTPT and Hive our efforts garnered, as well as having built wider and stronger networks among everybody who participated in the 3Steps or in other CTP/Hive-related projects.

P.S. I am also a Neil Patel fan.

I'm disappointed that the "micro commitment bucket survey" that I filled in didn't put me into any particular bucket or offer any specific insights into the state of my blog! That's what comes of taking a deep dive into "the ask method" with Ryan Levesque!

However, the emails are short, on point, and link to specific blog posts that provide some good info.