#3StepsNoExcuses Day 17: People First, Profits Second

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I'm back in "catch up mode" after the rigours of the weekend!

Today, Monday 5th April, I'm reporting on my 17th day of the #3StepsNoExcuses journey, which was last Friday. I made a video about it on Saturday morning and posted it on YouTube:

Then I went out to play chess by the river and then in a couple of bars in the middle of Hiroshima, and that put the tin lid on making any progress with #3StepsNoExcuses for the rest of the weekend!

Step 1 CTP: Show Yourself

This is quite a funny one for me because while I do "show myself" quite a bit here and there, I do not do so consistently enough, and quite often disappear, as I did on last Friday, and for much of the weekend!

The task was to make a video and I realized I'd not made a video for a while, so that is what I did on Saturday morning. ^^^

Step 2 ListNerds: Reach New People By Sending Emails

Today the focus was on why it makes sense to send emails on safelists or mailers that have an active and growing membership. A successful mailer will receive a regular flow of new members joining the site.

By regularly sending emails to an active mailer such as Listnerds you will constantly be reaching new people, people who have not seen your offer before, as well as reminding older members that you still exist!

In the video I change the subject line of my email and send it out to the list. Here are the results of my last four emails, which "pull" people to a blog that I set up to promote my book, A Thousand A Month:


Step 3 Plus1Success: People First, Profits Second

This is one of the key teachings of ClickTrackProfit: build relationships first by showing up, offering value, engaging with others, commenting on their posts, celebrating their successes and so on.

The basis for this approach is that people are much more willing to buy from those they "know like and trust" than from some random dude who shows no interest in anything but extracting the cash from their wallets!

Don't be that dude!

All the best,

David Hurley