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RE: $#&% Not Another Tribe!!!! Introducing ClickTrackProfit & The CTP Token

in #ctp2 years ago

This post certainly got my attention. I checked out the website clicktrackprofit. Nice to see it has some focus on Steem and sounds like Jon had some fun making those videos.

I’m mostly interesting in building out my social media accounts and driving more traffic towards some referrals I have related to gaming.

Mostly will just be poking around the site when I get the time.


Well you now have a new follower. I have a small goal of a min of 1 new follower a day, aming for way more than that but at least 1. #CTP #ClickTrackProfit

Awesome to hear that :)

Yeah I had a blast doing the's something I really enjoy doing...Hope people get a ton of value from it!

We all start with small goals but meet the one goal and then up that goal just like a poker bet

We all started with a poke here and a poke there, but once you put you heart and soul into it you will see the CTP