Bringing my mailers into CTP Tokens. IAAC- Day 5

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Today has been a fairly productive day in the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing. Which means I have not had time to create a video for the #Iamalivechallenge but all is not lost because i have decided to implement it into this Blog Post for Today.. 😀

First up was attending the awesome Crypto Mondays webinar and you can see a replay of it here-

(Its actually Crypto Tuesdays every week here in the UK as start time is at 1am 🤣)

Anyways this weeks webinar revealed a very special competition launch by @elianaicgomes on the FireBall Giveaway, and If you watch the webinar replay you will see how excellent it was with the community.


You should checkout Eliana's awesome blog post for more details on how you can participate in the CTP Blueprint competition-


Also today i have been working on my 2 newish mailers and I am pleased to announce that both have now integrated to accept the CTP tokens! You can join them if you like 😀

We have a new members code at both which will add 1000/2000/3000 to your account if you wish to signup.

That is all for today and I'd like to let you all know that I am alive, Hive is alive! I will post a video for tomorrow, thanks for reading.

This is my day 5 for the #IAmAliveChallenge by @flaxz


Gee Daniel I didn't know you had mailers. I will check those out today. :-) I am a member of so many I have lost track of them. I want to make sure that I am supporting community members.

Thanks Lisa, I've had them a few months but I've not really got round to launching them properly.. but Ill be give them a good push soon.

Thank you so much for taking action inside and outside CTP Blueprint!
Hope it helps you somehow!
Feedback is welcome when you can!
And congrats for your new programs! I'll do my best to check on them soon!


As a real Fireballer you will get 10 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

No problem Eliana, CTP Blueprint looks excellent, Its just like a simple road map that's easy to navigate through in stages. Its perfect for new members! :)

Thank you that's so good to read!
I tried to keep it as simple as possible!
Like Russell likes to say, created by a member for the members :)


As a real Fireballer you will get 5 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Awesome man!!!

Great news to see more websites adopting CTP Token!!!

This is so awesome!

Thank you sir, for all your support!

No problem at all, I'm 100% committed to this awesome project and will be doing everything I can to get my hands on those CTP tokens lol :)

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