Ramp Up Your Marketing

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We all start our day a little different. But the end goal is to market ourselves, get our product in front of people, and make sure that our daily tasks and our goal are on track. Some read e-mails first, some send mails and then there is myself who likes to open all my bills to see how far in the hole I am.

So It was an Eye-Opener when I start opening my snail mail and then almost immediately slide it Right into the Shredder.

But Wait, I had to stop, because I could not believe it with my own eyes, when all of a sudden I see the letter below:

Now TO ME, that is customer service. TO ME, that is going the extra step. TO ME, that is winning a customer for life. TO ME, This is a lesson on what and how to be a True Marketing Consultant. I know that I for one will be taking this lesson to Heart on How To Ramp It Up.



Thats awesome and I can honestly say that Jon has been doing this ever since I have known him, which is quite a few years now, The personal touch never gets old and shows a genuine desire to be of service .

Great one, a good one to share indeed. This is awsome customer-service, and show they Care!

Wow that was just great customer service @deputycowboy, thank you very much for sharing it, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thanks for sharing your snail mail. Jon is a great example of how we should engage our customer base.

I agree that part of becoming successful is following through and engaging with your clients and customers. Some will thank you for noticing them and others will tell you to jump ship. Your follow up will find the people on your list that are serious about their business,

Awesome man! Glad you got the letter. And thank you for all your business and support. It's the least we could do to show our appreciation :)

It is a nice feeling isn't it? something personally done for another human.
Things like that make Jon the purple cow.

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