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RE: $#&% Not Another Tribe!!!! Introducing ClickTrackProfit & The CTP Token

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Absolutely a great idea, to me it's pure logic that affiliate marketers switch over to cryptocurrency. You really can't trust any regular payment processor, my own Paypal account has been suspended for close to a month in the past, with vague reasons given.

Steem and affiliate marketing would really go hand-in-hand, you've got the blogging aspect, which is vital and you can send/receive payments without having to worry about having your funds frozen.


yup. absolutely. that’s huge for me because i never wanna put my trust in a company like that again. just such a win win for my business to be involved on steem and being my affiliates over here :)

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It is not just the payment aspect of CTP but the power of a network of marketers where you can trult realize your dreams