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RE: Happy New Year from Wellington, New Zealand and Auld Lang Syne

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I've been there once in my life @ianballantine. Entire summer, few years ago.

Until today I have only great memories from this quiet and cosy town :)
Yours, Piotr


Hi Piotr, thanks for your comments. Not too many steemians have been to Wellington, New Zealand. I have found one whom lives across the harbour that I'm now in regular contact with, and a couple more in the Auckland area.

New Zealanders have been scared off internet marketing by the "it's a scam" brainwashing brigade we call the New Zealand Government. Sadly part of a growing chorus of governments worldwide putting people off, much better they think that we waste our lives watching television and the censured garbage put on there to tone down behaviour. Shades of Orwellian 1984.