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RE: $#&% Not Another Tribe!!!! Introducing ClickTrackProfit & The CTP Token

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Welcome and congrats on the venture @jongolson. This is very interesting and I think over time could become a very worthwhile community you have created. I had my issues with paypal a while ago and had to move on from a decent ebay side venture unfortunately. I can't wait for the public to be brought up to speed (some day) about the economic benefits for the average person to operate in the crypto world when the myths and "Wall St. Speak" that keeps coming up from people who have a giant interest in fiat having an international monopoly. Way to take the plunge, if you listen to your community and stay hungry I really your chances on this.


Thank you very much for the support and comments!

Yeah the less marketers rely on those kind of payment processors the better. Crypto just makes sense :)