The CTP Update - Is Here!

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There's nothing better than a good website launch :)

Last night, the CTP Team announced the launch of - Our brand new project and of course...We would love to share with you some details about it!


This project has been a labor of love for us!

I started writing the content for it and creating the video training months ago...Mainly because we were fed up with the hype, hoopla and fake promises that is famous inside the affiliate marketing space.

Lots of promises, very little results!

And it's not because of a lack of information...For us, it comes down to a lack of good habits!


We go over easy to implement daily habits for 30 days that will help you get better results from everything you do online....Whether it's personal development, online entrepreneurship, content marketing or even improving your journey here on HIVE and CTPtalk....We go over it all :)

The whole idea of +1 is based around the 'kaizen' approach to continuous improvement...Or as we say, our mission is to become better at sunset than we were at sunrise!

And +1 Success is our path to achieve that :)

It's a free e-book to download and should help any online entrepreneur get better results! But the real power in the book is the ability to 'rebrand' it with your affiliate links to 8 programs and services...Including....


Another day and another @hiveonboard integration :)

We just launched and will continue to spread the word not only about +1, but the entire HIVE blockchain!

=> Hope to see you onboard the +1 revolution!

Speaking of the blockchain...

A quick little update too on the CTP Token side of things...

We have very low liquidity on our token. Due to the fact that a huge percentage of our token holders have CTP staked! But also, this token is actually sent from customer to merchant via Fire-Pay.

High demand, and low liquidity is a good thing for price and while HIVE still hasn't embraced what we have with CTP, we think the lack of awareness is changing rapidly.

A Hive-Engine token with MASSIVE real world use case. A token accepted on dozens upon dozens of websites...And a demand for it within an industry outside of the HIVE eco-system!

So with that, we're changing our approach to the token as we will be burning the vast majority of the tokens we (ClickTrackProfit) earn from selling our products and services with CTP Token.


Hopefully this adds a ton of value to the token for our holders and investors in CTP as well as CTPM!

The reason we didn't do this sooner was...No reason, we were just learning how things work :) And decided this is a great game plan going forward to every holder of CTP Token and merchant accepting the token via Fire-Pay!

How's that for a BANG at the end of the week?

Just a quick reminder that 'Jongo' (@jongolson) is about to embark on his cross continent adventure on Sunday....So CTP Updates might not be a regular thing over the next few weeks...

If you have any questions about our Tribe or any of our projects, do not hesitate to pop by our Discord or Telegram groups!


HUGEEEE congrats team!! I will check it out today!

I read the ebook this morning. It was of the highest quality as I expected. I am looking forward to following the plan and enjoying the results. Please have a safe and trouble free transcontinental move.

Awesome to hear that man...Thanks for the feedback and amazing support!

What an amazing time we are in...& yay, you're moving on top of all of this excitement lol. 🙌🧚

+1 is truly a game changer & I think it will really help people in the affiliate marketing world as well as outside of it. And stay tuned for something I am planning to elaborate on that 😉

In the meantime, awesome news about the burn. CTP tokens will be going to the moon! 💲💲🔥

Have safe travels, my friend, & many blessings to you & your family. 💚💜

Thanks Jenn!

Yeah I hate to take off on the road trip while all this is going on. Very exciting times lol

But it's just the start....So much more coming for CTP and of course the entire community!

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Thanks very much man, hope you are doing well!

New program launch? CTP token burn? Rise of the value of the token?

Is this a dream? :)

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Oh it's not a dream sir...But I know, I know....Gimbal!!!!!


lol... I didn't mention that... looool... But I get it now...

too funny 🤣 🤣 🤣


Is it the surprise CTP swarm ? or CTP swarm is another surprise.

Coming very soon ;)

Great start of amazing path.Great ebook.ty

Thanks so much, glad you are enjoying it :)

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This is a really great opportunity for people and the E Book is excellent. The action steps are easy to follow and if maintained then there is no reason why someone shouldn't succeed


This is great, I was wondering all week what the launch was going to be the image you were showing was to blurred lol
But I am looking forward how well this helps pull people to Hive and CTPTalk.

Everything here is rocking and rolling. CTP and Hive are great.

Just a quick note to say "Hi". I just created this account and was following the StartEarning.Today training.

Great stuff

Just a quick note to say "Hi". I just created this account and was following the StartEarning.

I'm glad to see the growth around @clicktrackprofit tribe. I'm in to invest into CTP and that means more marketing for the tribe and the token.