The CTP Update - Luke's On The Loose!

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Some exciting news in this week's update....And it has to do with the CTP Scavenger Hunt....

Luke's On The Loose!

One of the more popular promos that ClickTrackProfit offers it's partners and members is the Scavenger Hunt!

It's a cool little game.....


You travel around 'Listopia' - The world that Luke The Listbuilder travels in....Each country is a potential pit stop for Luke.

Find him, and get rewarded!

This has proven to become VERY popular with the community within ClickTrackProfit and one of the newest additions for our promo partners....

So this week, we're raising even more awareness to the Scavenger Hunt!

For the next week, you can grab Scavenger Hunt tokens for 50% to help our members find Luke...At your websites!


But it gets even better....

Introducing 'Explorer XP' ......!!!

Our old 'Giveaway XP' has been rebranded and for every Scavenger Hunt purchase you make, we will award you with up to 10,000 Explorer XP....

ClickTrackProfit (9).png

This is what you 'gift' your customers and subscribers with that helps them in their 'Explorer Ranks' within CTP. The only way members can receive an increase in Explorer Ranks is by being gifted this unique XP within CTP.

Now is the time!!!!

Log in and get started on your Scavenger Huntand if you own a program, it's the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and see what ClickTrackProfit can do for your business!

To access your Scavenger Hunt special, click on;

'Owners' -> Scavenger Hunt 'Join The Hunt' -> Purchase Hunt Tokens


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

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Is there a way that some "no-owner" can take advantage of this awesome offer?

That's why we built the Unicorn's Oasis. Out of a need to help affiliates and list builders leverage CTP :)

That is a great offer and likely to spur some surfing, keep up your awesome work.

Yup, and savvy owners will make it an event when they host it :)

Even better.

Another great reason to take part in the Scavenger Hunt...thanks for the post Jon.