The CTP Update - How's This For A Start To 2020?

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Wow....What a week!

We've been astronomically busy over the past few weeks gearing up for 2020, and now that the new year is here....We've got a full slate of new releases to go over...

So in the last update we put out, we discussed the new Unicorn's Oasis list building feature as well as the beta launch of the CTP Token IPN via Fire-Pay.

Excitement is....Sky high :)

We've got 10 amazing marketers onboard the Unicorn's Oasis right now, and people are searching their inboxes to 'save the unicorns'. Just amazing numbers so far and as we heard it mentioned in last week's webinar...

ClickTrackProfit - Posts.png

That's an unsolicited testimonial on the numbers we're getting from the Oasis via @MadDogMike


And of course, the IPN worked flawlessly all weekend. We should be good to go on public testing in the next few days. This is VERY exciting and the markets showed it...

A recent post by @PH1102 goes over the crazy week the CTP Token had on the markets.....The excitement is building and we're about to see the huge potential of blockchain meeting affiliate marketing in 2020!

But we weren't done there...


So....Here's the scoop.

In online business, there is a LOT of talk about...Community. Heck even here on CTPtalk and Steem, we talk a lot about community and it's become quite the buzz term in marketing.

And we feel like our greatest strength in CTP is our...You guessed it...Our community.

So we wanted to highlight the amazing people within our community and do it in a way that showcases their achievements across many levels.

The CTP Top List does just that!

From highlighting the top token holders, to members that completed the most training. To the members who have the most active referrals, to commissions earned....Our goal is to give CTP members the credit and exposure they deserve.

We hope it also gives other members goals to shoot for, so that they can reach the top list page :)

It might not seem like a huge addition, but I know what happens to us when we show up on a top list, top member or top JV list....It fires us up even more. To achieve bigger things and desire more from our businesses.

That is the hope at least :)

But it doesn't happen without your amazing effort and actions. And that's what we want ClickTrackProfit's community to be known for....More than anything else.

The training is plentiful.
The rewards are amazing!
The potential is huge!

But the members and community are what make it remearkable!


The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


Loving all the new features and the prolific nature that CTP just keeps giving and giving.
Very suprised to see me in the positions I am in the rankings

Keep up the good work

It's all coming together. Just been slower than we hoped for :) BUt we're so pumped for 2020!

I reckon its at a good pace, allows everyone to get on top of everything so when new people come on board there is plenty of support from the whole community

As I have already said, the amount of new great things added to the CTP website in the last week or two is awesome! And I have forgotten about CTP Top lists which are also an interesting addition...
Thanks for the mention and keep up with good work!

Thanks for the support man. Yeah, Blain has just been crushing it. Amazing to see him get everything working so smoothly over the past week..

What a good start of the decade!!
Can't wait to see more :)
Thank you so much for your hard work!
And I need more training videos!! To keep myself on the top ahaha

LOL Right? Keep the carrot stick out there so you guys keep going through the training ;)

These new updates are awesome i like to see who is being active in ctp by looking at the top members and happy to see me in some of the categories :)

Yeah man, hope it encourages more members to shoot for the top lists....Nothing like a little healthy competition ;)

And the excitement continues. It is a very exciting time to be a part of Click Track Profit, CTPTALK and Steem. Thanks Jon.


Thanks man, appreciate all the support!

We have been ramping up for the new year as well and hope your preparation leads to huge success.

Love the use of the Marketing tag as we like to do and we look forward to great stories and blog posts from you now that you have a slot on our news feed.

Onward and upward friends!

Wow, appreciate that very much, thank you!

This is realy great work Jon, and it's just the first week of 2020 so far, my excitement and hope for this year is even bigger now, and by the way I see that you have some work to do in the top owners section, you are currently number 2, stay awesome.

Yeah man, keep crushing it! You are doing some amazing things!


fantastic job .. I need to find time to get back in and do more of the training.

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Good Job! CTP is without a doubt the coolest feature rich Online Marketing University on the web right now... Loving it! Earning while Learning is only half of the fun! The gamefication aspect is unlike anything else I've seen... Learning is not only fun but rewarding. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this year and beyond with CTP.
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