The CTP Update - Curation & Why It Matters!

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Just a quick update to let you know about a few things taking place inside of the CTP Tribe and the ClickTrackProfit training platform :)

Unlimited Lead Capture Page Offer

For this upcoming weekend we've created an 'a la carte' option for our members as they have been giving us feedback on services they'd love to see...

Our Lead Capture Page Builder is available to all members of ClickTrackProfit, however it was mentioned numerous times that our members wanted more functionality and useability.

So we developed....An 'A La Carte' option where members how add unlimited LCP's to their account....For literally pennies a day!


Most lead capture page builders (use the exact same technology we do) however charge up to $97 a month for their services....Yeah that's fine, but not something we want to do lol

This $7 a month offer is up now, all you need to do is log into ClickTrackProfit and check it out :)

Curation - A Huge Opportunity

With the recent hardfork, the Steem blockchain is now experiencing 50/50 reward splits...50% goes to the creator of the content, the other 50% is split between the curators of the content...

On CTP, we have 60/40 split, but still....40% curation rewards is a nice little opportunity for those of you that understand what we are talking about...

Here's the skinny...

When you 'Power up' os Stake your CTP Tokens, you are increasing your stake in the tribe. And the more stake you have, the more of the curation rewards you get a piece of...

ClickTrackProfit   clicktrackprofit  — ClickTrackProfit.png

That's why you are seeing CTP curators like @AtHomeWithCraig @PH1102 and others...BEGGING...for people to create content on the platform.

They are REWARDED for simple 'liking' your stuff...Or upvoting it. Giving YOU rewards and in turn, being rewarded themselves....

Do you see the potential and opportunity here?

You may not be comfortable with creating your own content yet..But you are still rewarded for curating others. What a huge win across the board...

Wanna start earning on all your efforts inside of

Simply go purchase some CTP tokens now from Steem-Engine, and power them up (stake them) and then start upvoting awesome content on

It's that simple!

New Training Module Added!

It's almost like a broken record...

"Hey it's another week on ClickTrackProfit and we've added a new bunch of training for ya :)"

Guess what...That's done by design!

You see, learning and growing in affiliate marketing is never..Done!


This week, we've started to add recording of our Wednesday Night Owners meetings...These webinars are designed to help membership site and program owners grow their business.

Each session includes some training, round table discussions and action steps for attendees to take...But be warned, if you attend these events we WILL hold you accountable and check your homework each week lol

Hope you enjoy the recordings if you cannot make it to our Wednesday night events....

Quick update....Hope you got value from it :)

And another reminder...We're always around, looking to help you grow in your online business or experience on the blockchain.

Be sure to swing by our Telegram group at anytime, to get your questions answered!

Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for reading :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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Appreciate that guys, thank you very much!

Unlimited LCP's is a great update to CTP, and I do hope to make some more curation than I do right now, what I need is to make a better schedule, time is never enough, but that is just a lame excuse.

Great work keep it up and stay awesome.

The only thing that could really happen to a person by blogging is that they do not have to wait for Google to approve them - here anyone can vote and like your content...chaaching!

Being permissionless is one of the things I love dearly about the chain. No one can tell you what to post, nor have it removed because they don't like it.

Bingo! No need to get approved to get rewarded...It's all open source and all decentralized. All ya need to do is...Create and Curate :)

Today only good news! Nice to see CTP website grow and our small tribe getting bigger and active more and more... ;)

Have a great weekend!

You too man...Thanks for all your support!

CTP Talk & Tribe keeps getting better & better! The LCP offer is absolutely amazing in all it has to offer, so taking advantage of it is basically a no brainer. And the added video training and other content you have been consistently put out shows, again, how much you & Blain care about the tribe as a whole.

I feel blessed to be part of this community with all of the wonderful curators & content creators here. As I always say, shine your light & keep going! :) It's a bright future ahead.

Appreciate that Jenn. And thanks for the purchase :)

You are a huge part of this community and can't thank you enough for all the support you have shown us.

♥️♥️♥️♥️ No place I'd rather be.

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Great info here.

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Thanks man...Now we just need more CTP members coming over to curate and create!

Chock full of nuts and goodies for you at CTP and CtpTalk and by the way Jon is the Nut and Blain is the Goodie

Most definitely the crazy one. Guilty!

Let the update keep coming, let the grow continue growing

Its always nothing but the best at CTP, so cheers to each and every event or program that you keep bringing up. #ctp #ClickTrackProfit Rocks!

Simply HAD to resteem that not only for my downline in #ctp but to have it handy for future reference (as with most of my resteems...)

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