The CTP Update - 23k CTP Token Giveaway & More Businesses Added!

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How has your week been going?

Here at ClickTrackProfit....It's been epic as usual 😀

So much to go over....Let's get into it;

CTP Blueprint Unleashes The Mother Of All Token Giveaways

So how did @elianaicgomes celebrate the one month 'anniversary' for CTP Blueprint?

She started what will go down in CTP history as the most epic token giveaway in history.


(The contest was bumped up to 23k after this image was created!)

You can find out about all the amazing features of this contest as well as Eliana's very unique strategy to bump up engagement and get the community more involved...This is going to be EPIC!

The Road To 10K CTP just got easier fo everyone in the 'Swarm!

Brand New Businesses Added To Fire-Pay (CTP Token Accepted!)

Fire-Pay continues to grow as 2 new affiliate marketing websites have been added to our list of merchants...

Instant Business Mailer


Elite Traffic Mailer

We've got quite an amazing list of online businesses and entrepreneurs now accepting the CTP Token at their website via Fire-Pay!

Thank you to everyone that is sharing our vision on what REAL use case means in crypto. You guys are changing the affiliate marketing industry, one transaction at a time!

Oh Boy....It's Launch Week!

And we're up to something once again....

This Thursday! 8pm eastern!

We will reveal the brand new launch from the ClickTrackProfit team...

The websites identity has been hidden to protect the innocent!!!

Get ready folks, this is going to be another amazing experience that is going to deliver HUGE value to you.

We'll be streaming live on @Vimm as well as our normal social media platforms too!

The Adventures Of Jongo

So Jon wrote a quick little post last night, explaining how he'll be on the road for the next few weeks as he moves his family across Canada.

So the CTP Updates might be a bit slower than normal, but we'll still try to keep you updated with everything that is going on!

Thanks for your understanding 😀

Did You Know...CTPM & CTP Purchases Save Unicorns!

It's true!

And unicorn lives are precious!

Want to get involved in a token with real use case, low liquidity and one of the most active communities on HIVE?

CTP on Hive-Engine
CTPM on Hive-Engine

CTP on LeoDex
CTPM on LeoDex

Want to see how affiliate marketing and the blockchain will be living happily ever after?

=> Here's your wedding invitation!



Sounds Great Jon and Blain. Jon are you going to be traveling or pulled off at a local coffee shop broadcasting?

lol I'll be broadcasting from home tomorrow...Don't leave out on the road until Sunday night.

Another game changer on #ctptalk? Yes sir! Call it a hunch but Thursday will definitely be THE one.

I am excited also to hear all about your Moving With Jongo adventures - that will be epic in itself! :)

Good stuff is happening & I am super pumped! Let's do this!! 🔥🔥

Yes ma'am! Exciting things all around....If I can just get through this move lol

I am waiting to see what is going on for thursday, and hoping I can watch it although I maybe on the road myself

Awesome! It's going to help so many people...I truly believe that :) Because I know it helped me big time!!

Super cool, I’m very curious for Thursday’s announcement!

It's going to be epic!!! ;)

So many awesome things are happening around the CTP and inside the community, and you have decided to make a country trip right now? 😛

So, no sleep again on Thursday night... Let's see what did you and Blain cooked this time... :)

I did it just so Blain could stress out all by himself LOL

hahaha... The little bugs will come to his dreams... lol... 🤣

poor Blain :)

Thanks for the highlight!
Can't wait to see what this new thing is!
Hope it has a bucket full of nuggets inside so I can share them to the Fireballers :)
Cheers for the many adventures that will come on the road!

Let's gooooo Blueprint!


I liked the combination of moss green, blush pink and creamish white colours in the new website 😝

Will wait for Thursday to see what's more in the rainbow. 🙂

Thank you kindly :)

Should be a lot of fun coming up!

Looking forward to what is to come on Thursday after all the teasing all week lol

Oh we've just started the tease LOLOL

Thank you for the update on what is coming to CTP. Really enjoyed the post of your upcoming journey that you and your son are taking on.

Certainly will be at Thursday's webinar and thank you for everything you and Blain do for this community.

Appreciate that sir!

Thanks for the kind words and all your support!

It will be interesting to see what you and Blain have come up with.

He's been guilt tripping me all week because of all the hard work he's been putting into it lol

I am sure will be something good again.


It'll be a ton of fun. Powerful tool if people use it :)


Howdy, welcome to CTP Talk!