CTPtalk Added To SteemPeak Tribes

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The CTP Projects are rocking!

We've introduced dozens upon dozens of new members to the Steem blockchain. (And they are loving CTPtalk.com!!!!)

Over 1400 new members have joined ClickTrackProfit since it's relaunch.

The CTP & CTPM Tokens are stable but they could always use some more volume (can't we all....)

And the feedback and support has been...Awesome!

Time for an update:

CTP Has Been Added To SteemPeak's Tribes

The big announcement, is that we've been added to the Tribes inside of SteemPeak...


A lot of people inside ClickTrackProfit didn't understand my excitement today when it was announced because they are still learning the ropes at CTPtalk.com

And to be honest...This was more of a feature I wanted the rest of the Steem blockchain to notice. I wanted to show you guys on Steem that we mean business. :)

We aren't some Tribe that's throwing up a token for the sake of throwing up a token...This is long term strategy for bringing more awareness to not only the CTP and CTPM Tokens...But also to the amazing people that are learning Steem at ClickTrackProfit!

Our tokens will be integrated into everything we are doing with the relaunch of the website and training affiliate marketers that...

Blockchains and cryptocurrency are the future!

We're big fans of SteemPeak and we know so many amazing Steemians are as well...We hope you enjoy all the amazing features of Steempeak combined with the CTP Tribe!


A Few Words On @NoCTP4U

We know we've been super relaxed on the 'rules' when it comes to what is considered fair game for using the #CTP tag...

We set out some guidelines in a previous post but the quick and easy 'rules' are:

  • Content should be focused around online marketing, affiliate marketing and online business.
  • Investing, crypto related topics are encouraged!
  • Personal growth and development will get some hefty upvotes from the CTP account ;)
  • ActiFit is fair game...Because that's your journey and we appreciate it!

However we have had to use the @NoCTP4U votes and downvotes a bit recently as tag abuse is becoming a thing here...

First up, if you feel like you have been downvoted unfairly, please come talk to us in Discord...We appreciate the people that have done that and we've cleared things up...

But if you do get a downvote, ask yourself if your content falls into those categories above...And the NoCTP4U account has like 50 Steem Power...So the only thing being removed is the CTP rewards to protect our token holders and investors!

At the end of the day, we want EVERYONE to benefit from CTP :)

ClickTrackProfit News....

We have added some brand new 'Mastery Lessons' inside the ClickTrackProfit training modules...

Our first 'viral mailer' was added today and we're pretty excited to see how it goes :)


This was a big step for ClickTrackProfit as we are starting to branch out into different marketing niches within the industry. The more like this get, the better for everyone involved...We aren't trying to limit ourselves into one corner...

Kinda explains this whole CTPtalk thing we're doing on Steem ;)

The 'Official' Autoresponder of ClickTrackProfit Is....

We've started to announce the 'official' autoresponder that will be added to CTP. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, you'll know that email marketing plays a big role.

And we wanted to create the best environment for our members where they could learn about the power of email marketing...Without getting overwhelmed at the same time.

Our 'official' autoresponder module will be released within the next day or two.

It's going to be awesome!!!!

I have so much I wanna share...

But I need to save some news for another update!

Please do stop by our Telegram or Discord server to learn more about our product. Our community. And our tribe here on Steem!

We'd love to welcome you and learn from you!

omg you're so funny!.png

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM

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Man its one growth step after another, #CTP is on fire, I cant wait to see what you have as an autoresponder and if it will surpass what I use now, will be very interested to see how it integrates with membership , big thums up

thanks man. yeah we’re pretty fired up with everything happening. just awesome to see the feedback as it’s been so positive

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Great news just keeps on coming for CTP you and Blain are knocking it out of the park. Keep it up

Thanks man. Working hard on it for sure...Haven't been this pumped up in a long long time. Feels great!

Awesome progress!! I've seen more new Steemians come through CTP in the last 2-3 weeks than any other tag. Well done.

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Thanks for saying that. Makes me know we are doing a decent job of getting people over here from the main CTP site. Lots of training and focus will help that over the long haul :)

WOW guys you just don't stop producing more new facets to the new CTP, I'm loving it! Although there's a lot of work ahead to learn all of it, I'm confident it's possible with your training and resourses available to us members. Steempeak tribes, another connection to steem can only be a good thing. A viral mailer recently added which lots of us were hoping for and to top it off an autoresponder on the way.....ClickTrackProfit is definitely a well rounded affiliate marketing site!!!!

Thanks Lee :)

Yeah we've got so much coming, it's important that I remind myself...To slow down LOLOL

Yeah don't forget to slow down sometimes.....that way you can speed up again! LOL
Plus that gives us lucky members a chance to perhaps catch up too! LOL

Another awesome post and news jon can't wait to check it all out today. Also thanks for the info on what is allowed on tag use. Been torn and conflicted since I do more then just CTP and online marketing.

Yeah for sure...I mean we aren't trying to be judge and jury on the tag...But we do need to protect it. So far it's been pretty well used.

Nice growth. At least you have a project with unlimited potential to expand and create value. It will be interesting to see your steps forward.

Thanks very much. Yeah long tail stuff for sure. We want people coming onto Steem when they join CTP in years from now :)

This sounds like another milestone for CTP! I'm happy to be learning the ropes. Hopefully I'll catch up fast. Hurrah! ^_^

For sure....Always growing, always moving forward :)

The addition of Steempeak is really great, I use it a lot so that is of great use to me, and nice to hear of the progress with your autoresponder, that really completes the toolbox.

Just phase 1 lol We have so much planned :)

Great to hear.

This is some really great news!!! Only selected tribes are listed on Steempeak website and I know that it will help a ton of bringing awareness to this awesome community!

Yeah that's my thinking...I know the CTP community is excited for the potential of Steem...But for me to get Steem to pay attention to CTP, we need to be featured in places like Steempeak :)

It's no secret, I'm a huge fan of CTP and Steempeak. It just makes everything easier. Keep it up, guys. CTP is going to do amazing things on the blockchain.

Thanks man. Yeah it's a great introduction to CTP for the Steemians that might be looking at us sideways LOL

We clean up pretty good and smell fantastic!!!!!

Wow. That is a great news to hear about

Thanks, we think so too :)

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@clicktrackprofit, Congratulations and definitely this deserve a celebration because when other platforms find value in what we are doing it's a boost. Keep up and keep expanding team.

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A very big thank you for adding Actifit to app that can use your tag.

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I'm really loving all that CTP is bringing to the affiliate marketing community. There's nothing else like it. An autoresponder?? WOW! Just what I need. There's so much to learn and I've learned so much already since the launch. I feel that I'm on my way to success after all these years (10+) in the industry. Thank you CTP!

That is a great news to hear. Gradually more memebers will continue to join more and more

Awsome heads-up and information. I bet I could write a book as a feedback, but right now I need to read this one again, and look true this...there is a few..lol..things to learn. LEts keep this show on the Road, and yes ONLINE!! Success