CTP Update - We Wanna Upvote You!

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The Juicy TL:DR

  • We need more content on CTPtalk.com We want to upvote YOU!

  • CTPM price increase is coming in 24 hours

  • Curation Corner

  • I Made An Infographic....Kinda ;)

It's a brand new work week :)

And we're going into the 3rd week of the CTP re-launch!

Just a few notes today to help you have a fantastic week here at ClickTrackProfit and the CTP Tribe on STEEM!

We Wanna Upvote You!

We have some pretty relaxed rules when it comes to our content that is fair game here on CTPtalk, and to be honest...We need more creators :)

We're looking for content creators that will talk about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Investing
  • Personal Development
  • Success

And here' the best part....

We have this account, staked up with some CTP Tokens, looking to give you guys and gals some very heathy upvotes. Our curation team is literally...WAITING for your content and would gladly give you an upvote...To help build awareness for our condenser and little tribe :)

We will be sending multiple reminders to the CTP members themselves as well....To get busy creating and curating :)

CTPM Is Getting A Bump In Price

Within the next 24 hours, we WILL be raising the price of the CTP Mining Token. We were going to raise the price last night but wanted to confirm some things with experts a lot more knowledgeable than we are when it came to this stuff.

Just to make sure we wouldn't mess thing up by playing with the token price of the miners...

But it's been confirmed to we're good to go....

We want to make sure YOU get full value and potential of your purchases and continue to give you the max value for your CTPM.

We are also looking into burning tokens on both CTP and CTPM....But as we're new to this, we want to make sure we are doing things right so that we have a hugely successful project years from now!

Curation Corner

This post blew us away!

=> What Is The Best Tool For Affiliate Marketers?

Written by @achim03 , he goes into fantastic detail on how Steem could be the perfect tool for affiliate marketers. not only to build relationships, but also for straight up marketing purposes :)

One of the best articles we've read about how Steem and CTP can benefit each other! A must read.

Look Ma', An Infographic.....Kinda

I love these things, and created this one to give people a brief history of ClickTrackProfit and all it's features...

Just in case you had any questions about what ClickTrackProfit is and what we've done in the past...

Hope this sheds some light on our project and mission...To help affiliate marketers around the world :)


Thank for reading and please drop by anytime into our Telegram and or Discord groups! We're always around to help and answer any questions!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM


Great post Jon and people could make some ctp tokens as well as some Steem for just posting on ctp talk. It is great the way you can get paid with both with one blog post.

As always your posts are full of great information.

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Thanks man....Slowly but surely, we will spread the message :)

Great Inforgraphic! I look forward to start sharing some my stuff there as well! I really want to browse the front end as I think it can help me learn more about the community in general as this could lead to more adoption of blockchain in general. Tokenize it all!

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For sure man....You know me by now, I long tail all this stuff...So I'll keep promoting and adding new things to the front end...We've got some pretty cool development planned for the condenser.

Will try it out. Is there a tube?

Awesome to hear...Havent planned to add tube to it yet...But if people want it , we'll consider it for sure... :)

Prob no need unless you add extra tags for tube or such. Only having 1 tags for each video really limits where you can post it. Was just wondering

Thanks a lot for the mention! I love CTPTalk. Affiliate marketing was definitively missing on the steem ecosystem. I'll try to write regularly about the subject!

Appreciate it man. Thanks so much for the support and the amazing article. It helped a lot of people!

It is no secret that I Love your work and this platform has invigorated me to write more, so certainly expect more content from Moi :)
I also encourage others to do so,

Thanks man. appreciate the support so much.

Hopefully it catches on with the CTP members. They have a great opportunity right now to build something special :)

Awesome Jon! I curate on CTPTalk, I think daily? Sometimes I write too. If there are more content creators that fall into the guidelines, they might get a vote from a whale like me too. :D

LOL Awesome man, thanks for that. Yeah I'm trying to go easy on the @NoCTP4U downvotes, but once it gets out of hand....I'll have to crack down more.

Thanks for sharing the article, Jon! It is helpful. ^_^

Awesome, glad you liked it :)

Thanks fpr keeping us updated and really need to get more posts out to identify myself and the sites and branding

Absolutely man. Huge potential for you to reach lots of interested people here.

seriously you guy never cease to amaze with all the goodies you have installed and the new stuff still coming... keep it going!!!

Oh we're just getting started LOL

Hopefully it was worth the wait.

Great work, this tribe is progressing well, and also onboards many new Steemians from outside of the crypto world, keep it up and stay awesome.

Thanks man, yup it's catching on....Slowly but surely.

Yeah right now it's the early adopters that will go on to onboard everyone else.

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More and more I getting fired up with the Steem and ctptalk. Sorry I cant help it. I could writing a book here right now as a feedback. But whats important right now for me is to say thank you for your work, and information. And making me totally wanna get my self going even more in!! (COD I use as a break now and then...lol) Maybe I should try get ctptalk over to some of those there too.. Anyway, thx a lot and much respect! Sig the Viking of the North!

I am trying my part. Loving it!

@clicktrackprofit, This is the thing, means good to see that now you've aligned a Structure Of Contents which will cover this Ecosystem. Rise of prices of miners sounds effective and waiting to see how will be the trends after the change. Keep up team.

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As you wanna upvote me I bet I better Resteem that; maybe @jongolsons detects my post ;-)

Since the new ctp has started I have been getting more and more excited about ctptalk and blogging. I never blogged until ctp talk. I am becoming comfortable in a uncomfort zone

I just got to know about this awesome tribe today. I think most people do not know much about this platform.

Interesting topics! There are affiliate marketers out there. When they know about CTP, they will not miss this opportunity. And they will join this tribe and share their tips and experience. More people will join Steem blockchain.

Well, I have a question. I am passionate about martial arts. I usually share different things about martial arts and self defense so that people can use it for personal development. Are martial art and self defense related content fall into the Personal Development category in CTP, @clicktrackprofit?

Gonna jump into it..

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