We're suing Google Facebook and Twitter on your behalf: join and help promote!

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If you haven't heard about our Crypto Class Action lawsuit, why not! We're in negotiation with established litigation funding firms and close to having all the funds we need (this is like raising VC for law suits) but we always need more people to join as no-win no-fee class members.

CTP followers note

For followers of the Click Track Profit CTP tag you should also know that we operate a referral system when you join the case with your own claim and then bring new people into it you'll receive SUFB tokens.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty. Joining gives you a direct share in any funds we can recover from these hugely wealthy companies. You'll receive SUFB tokens to represent your share. The JPB Liberty website has more details too.

Signing up means you reserve your place in the claim, especially important if we settle early before going to court. It also increases our leverage with these huge firms. Truly a win win. The only right you're giving up is your own right to personally sue these companies for your crypto losses (not something many individuals can do) or work with other lawyers doing the same.

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Executive Summary

The almost absolute power of Facebook, Google & Twitter is a huge threat to freedom and liberty. Extensive abuse of this power, including censorship, anti-competitive behaviour, privacy and security breaches, is accelerating.

For more than 18 months JPB Liberty has been preparing a global class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google & Twitter's Crypto Ad Ban for breach of Australian competition law (anti-trust). The Tech Giants' ban of all cryptocurrency related advertising in early 2018 had a devastating effect on all cryptocurrency investors and projects and particularly harmed Steem and all Steemians, by blocking the acquisition of new users and crushing the Steem price (Steem was $5.73 the day before Facebook's Ad Ban was announced).

Everyone worldwide who was hurt by the Ad Ban can join the Crypto Class Action as a class member plaintiff on a no-win no-fee basis.

Large numbers of Steemians have joined the Crypto Class Action and we are asking the Steem community to support it via the Steem Proposal System. Full details about the SPS Proposal here.

Join Now

To join the class action as a member just send an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying “Join Class Action” and providing contact details and mentioning @brianoflondon

You can also join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

You can help fund the law suit with crypto currency direct via Fundition (paying with Steem or other crypto is a great option).

If you want to contribute with old style fiat currency, you can send that to our JPB Liberty PayPal account. You will receive SUFB Tokens on Steem-Engine. For large donations please contact @JPBLiberty direct.

Many More details in JPBLiberty's SPS application which you can also support.

You can also read a good explanation here on my blog.


I'm in. Good luck!

Resteemed! Keep up the work, you are almost done getting started!

I just signed the agreement, this is a great effort. Thank you

Thank you! We are hard at work hoping to be able to announce some progress soon.

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Great Project! All we can do is try, it’s a worth while goal as it was such a rushed instant like decision that was extremely selfish and fortunately they have deep pockets and should/ could reimburse Us ✌🏼😃

Saw you on SPS and voted (probably on the 1st day) Nice to see you keep fighting. This will put STEEM on the map too.

Because Steem is one of the clearest direct competitors to Facebook built around the blockchain, it has a large place in our case because it looks like the advertising ban was directly meant to crush a competitor. If we win the benefits for all Steemians could be huge.

Awesome, lets get this thing rolling! It could be the difference in steem surviving long term and slowly dwindling away.

Good luck! Show those liberal powers that Globalization doesn't happen so easy!

Great work @brianoflondon. Joining ASAP✌

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