Question: How to build a following for my friend's new blog content on Steem?

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I'm in the process of working all the ways to get more attention toward my friend's blog content now that it's flowing through onto Steem.

I'm asking a question on the CTP community to see if anyone here knows the right way to do this!

The Israellycool blog is one of the oldest and most established talking about Israel. I've never used bidbots and its clear that's not the way to go in the #newsteem model. Israellycool gets a whole bunch of traffic in the real world but I want to prove to the author that it is worth being here on Steem too. He's not ready to commit to using the @steempress plugin for commenting just yet.

So who can suggest the right way to push the profile of this account up a bit higher?

This is a link to the #introduceyourself post for Israellycool



We will get him added to our @bilpcointrain hopefully that helps a bit

I would suggest pushing some of his posts on pimp your post thursday on discord. Get some people commenting and reading them and get him more interested. I read a couple of The Writings of Ahava posts which are brilliant. The rest might not be very popular but these were great blog posts that people would interact with. Pity the comments aren't enabled as there are non on the actual blog site posts.

Yes he has a relatively new and different commenting system on the blog and @steempress is only now starting to come into its own for this. I'll be watching it though.

Ahava was an amazing person and she wrote beautifully. I'm glad Dave is reposting her work and it's getting considerable traffic on his site.