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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Steemians,

*Made with Canva. Graphic from hitclipart.com

Yes. Just like many days, many mornings, there is so much going on in the world and online but so little going on in my brain. I seem to write about that every couple of weeks.

So being a member of the Red Fish Rally 500 I thought, let me start with my graphic. Since I found (https://www.hiclipart.com/) I think my graphics I put together are getting better. Like today. I real red fish on my graphic. lol

Again this is going to be one of those posts to show people that you can post when you having nothing to post about. Sure I am going to give some market numbers, and the COVID-19 graph. I do that everyday.

But my fall back when I have absolutely empty brain is to write about having an absolutely empty brain. I have been daily blogging, every single day, for over 7 months now. WOW. So yes, some morning it is absolutely a night (or morning) mare to get a large, well written, inspirational blog post out to the world.

This is my fall back. Writing about empty brain. I think everyone needs a fall back. It sure takes the stress off what to write.

Not bad for having nothing in my brain this morning and no inspiration to give. I hope this helps anyone that needed help today :)


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Have a great day all.



I think it's quite normal if you have been blogging daily to come up empty sometimes :)

Fallback is always necessary, no need to be ground-breaking all the time. Wish you creative days soon!


Thanks :)

Also joined CTP with your referral link, hope that's useful to you!

Yes. Hope you have a look around. :)

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