When opportunity comes, do not act "Dumb and Dumber"

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When an opportunity comes to us, how do you react?

Almost every single person reacts from the blueprint of thinking the world has given them. This blueprint is created be listening to others, by our own experiences, from lack of understanding and by the normal dull standard’s of society. Most people have the decision already made in their subconscious even before the opportunity arrives. The sub-conscious is so powerful to be able to pull from past experiences and make a decision before we even blink our eyes. Once this happens we have no actual choice, we just act as the subconscious dictates. People have been trained from failures, others and poor information to subconsciously believe something even if it is not true. Here are a few examples.

Network Marketing……………only the top people make any money
MLM………………………..that is a pyramid scheme
Make $1000′s online………….must be a scam
Earn money by blogging……….impossible or that is just silly

Please watch the video and try to catch the examples of making choices from an old blueprint. It will be obvious to the men. Women, please do no take it offensive but please do play along to learn about this old blueprint.

I believe many people are the same as the characters on the movie. When an unbelievable opportunity presents itself, we are too intrenched in a bad blueprint to be able to even make a decision.

Stop and think about the first thing you are going to say.
Is it the same thing you always say?
Is it the old blueprint of life? – great things cannot happen to you?
Please do not act “Dumb & Dumber”
Find a new blueprint for life, there are options, we truly have a better way


Thanks for the post Andrew!
I like the movie a lot and you are right about our subconscious choices... It's hard to surpass it, but we have to try it... If not, we will not realize the real opportunities that life brings to us...

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Great examples you give of our pre-conceived misconceptions. I now that 90% of the time I'm guilty of all the examples you listed of not believing in opportunities when they present themselves. I believe the reason for not believing in the impossible is because when something goes wrong with an amazing opportunity, the first thing you see and hear is the negative aspect. Also, the moment I scrolled down the page and noticed the women near the van, I was tempted to leave the page. Didn't want to see or hear anything else you had to say. Laughed at myself because the first thing that came to mind was what I would have thought 10 or 15 years ago. Glad I continued on with your post. It's tough to change things that have been hard-wired into you. Will try to look at things from a different vantage point.

thank you for the response. I agree. I see that post icon with the girls by the bus, and first thought is...i do not want to read that. In fact, that is kinda the irony of it. Even my first thought about the post is the old path of thought. The guys chasing down the bus to give directions, makes me laugh every time, as so many times we are like see.......but we really do not.