My Project - reach 5000 CTP Tokens in 60 days

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I've been inspired by @jongolson to reach the target of 5000 CTP and I want to try to do it the fast way and if possible without buying tokens on the market. We will see whether this is possible. If yes, I might write a tutorial about how to do it so that everybody can replicate it.

I started the project on 24.1.2020 by creating this account. As of today, my project is 18 days old and I already managed to collect more than 500 CTP. I profited from the tokens that I collected from my other accounts and that I transferred to this one. I unstaked 200 tokens form my principal account and transferred them to this new one and immediately staked them. So far I have neither sold nor bought CTP tokens on the marketplace.

Why do I want to reach 5000 CTP?

There is actually much more to it than just reaching 5000 CTP tokens. What I realized is that with Firepay it is now possible to pay for traffic and advertising with CTP tokens. I'm dreaming about building up a traffic machine with CTP tokens. I want to collect tokens so that I'm able to use these tokens to purchase traffic on the websites that are linked through the Firepay service. This would be an additional step to get traffic to my business almost without limits.

Why it is a great moment to collect CTP?

When I look at the distribution of CTP tokens, there are really very few users who have collected a lot of these tokens. This means that there are still a lot of tokens to be earned. It is always much easier if you are at the start of a project rather than to jump on the train at a later stage. With only 18 days going, I managed to reach the 129th rank among all CTP holders according to the steem-engine explorer. My target is to get into the top 40 of this list within 60 days of the start of this project.


source: steem-engine explorer

I truly believe that there is still a huge potential in CTP and the steem blockchain for everybody in the affiliate marketing sector. In my opinion this blockchain is the best possible tool to develop a business and also to earn money very quickly.

I would be very interested in learning what is your CTP token strategy?

How to run your Cost Free Internet Business


Good luck, my friend! And, it is not impossible... Showing every day, creating awesome content (as you are already doing) and you will get there faster than you think...

I was lucky to be here from the very beginning... I have recognized the big potential of the CTP token and decided to buy CTP miners in the beginning, but later, I have decided to create and curate, as I like more to engage with the community... So, I have staked all my tokens and I'm still doing that...

I have a similar idea to you... To use my tokens for buying stuff as soon as I have a "product" to advertise...

Thanks a lot for your great comment my friend!

It's awesome to see how you managed to grow and develop your account. Our strategies are very similar and I'm looking forward to seeing where this will lead us ;-)

Created content is a "product". I don't know why people are not promoting their steemit blogs on other sites.

Indeed good luck, and a very interesting great goal! Success

Thanks a lot for your comment and your wishes. Hope to reach these goals ;-)

Good for you.
You have solid numbers, this makes it a goal.
You wrote the above down, this makes it a plan.
The results are inevitable, as long as you are willing to do the tasks.
Go get that 5k!

Thanks a lot for your comment and your encouraging words!

Great post which deserves to be highlighted!

Keep up the good work!

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It really is a great opportunity to build in CTPtalk and to use some of the earnings for traffic and building your list, and buying traffic with CTP tokens is also something I want to do, Blain just have to fix FirePay so that I can pay with the built in version of Steem Keychain that is part of Steewallet so I can start paying since I don't have a computer, just a phone and a tablet, stay awesome.

Thanks a lot for your comment and for taking the time to read my post!

Thanks a lot for your
Comment and for taking the
Time to read my post!

                 - achim03.ctp

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Thanks @achim03.ctp, and good luck reaching your goals.

Appreciate the support and highlighting of the token :)

We've got so much stuff planned and I hate making excuses, but my partner just learned how to work in a blockchain environment about 3-4 months ago LOL

So we've been growing, slowly :)

But we've got massive plans for all this crazy stuff!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

We've got so much stuff planned and I hate making excuses, but my partner just learned how to work in a blockchain environment about 3-4 months ago LOL

I'd love to have half his expertise... It's amazing what you are building .

But we've got massive plans for all this crazy stuff!

I'm looking forward to that :-).

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