Capital Generates Creativity

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Hey JessInspirations

I grew up in a time and place in the world where opportunities were somewhat limited. I would often say that for me to be successful was a sliver of a window, and I had a moon shot of a chance. I don't think I am there yet, but I work hard every day, not thinking of my upbringing or surroundings or the dogma surrounding me. Growing in Africa is not for sissies as my grandfather used to say.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones, many of the people I grew up with were not as fortunate as myself to go to university, get a degree, spend time in the corporate world, build marketable skills and then play in the open labour market. Some become drug addicts, some dropouts, some working-class, some gangsters, some are dead or in jail.

There are many ways to fall off your path, chasing short money and falling into the traps society currently lays before us. My parents knew that education would be essential to me having more opportunities, so they put all their capital into making sure I could go to the best school they could afford and for me to go to university.


Picking capital allocation

They put capital to use to allow me to acquire skills that will enable me to earn a return on investment. In South Africa, we have something known as the black tax, as we were one fo the first generations to go to university where we were free to study anything we wanted.

The black tax means since we are capital investments, our parents would get a return and I've naturally paid back their initial investment and continue to do so, it's just the way it is in these parts.

The money they sacrificed allowed me to become an asset to them, generating health returns each month since I left university.

My capital requirements

The other capital I received through labour I put to use in various investments and savings so that I could have a buffer. I was able to leave my job and start a business—something I could never do if I didn't keep capital. I knew I could safely run a business for years without a salary. I could put that capital back into the business and improve its cash flow over time.

Capital allows you to take risks, to pursue passion projects, to find meaningful work, to take your time, to think outside the box, to be creative. In a world where we measure our value in currency, capital allows us to set a bar for what we want to do, many squander it and limit their creativity.

Creativity killed by debt

How creative is someone majorly in debt? How creative is someone living paycheque to paycheque? Probably some are, but the vast majority are too concerned with living to have creative pursuits, and I think this is a shame.

I feel that if we could have money that works for us if we have capital buffers, set a reasonable burn rate and build a runway for ourselves to take risks; the world would be a far better place.

The more creativity, the more problems we solve, the more problems we solve, the more prosperity for all.

Creativity is a privilege, but it shouldn't be

At the moment, we have a few men and women with the luxury of capital that can sit around and make the most of their creativity. They shape the world in their image, their ideas get put into the market, and they now have a monopoly on creativity and creative solutions.

I think this is a shame, I feel the market for creative ideas are limited, and we need more minds thinking about how we solve the world's problems, instead of how they are going to make next months rent.

This is one of the reasons I'm so bullish on Bitcoin, having money that allows you safely save and store your purchasing power, build capital and provide new ideas with the luxury to be implemented can only be good for the world at large.

Bitcoin will make more people wealthy that's for sure, but it could be in ways we do not expect. It may give them the breathing room to pursue things that benefit them as well as the world at large.

Don't let your creativity go to waste, save up and start taking calculated risks!

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Very well written post ... Capital is everything in the world of business. Capital determines how big your dream can go. The amount of capital you have can determine how big your business idea can be.

Don't let your creativity go to waste, save up and start taking calculated risks!

This is my best part of this write up. Saving and accumulating money is actually great but without calculated risk, everything will still go down. This is still my greatest fear so far.

Great great post

Totally it provides you with time if you have capital you can take time to focus on creative pursuits without worrying about bills and you can have a buffer of protection

It also helps you get infront of the right people with marketing and advertising and it goes a long way to to actually providing you with confidence

It’s not everything, you still got to work hard and have a good idea but it sure does help!


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well the world is harsh and you have to work hard to make living because everyone is trying to beat each other that how harsh society is

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That's true, but it doesn't have to be I know it sounds utopian but the more ideas getting funding the more solutions we can find to our problems. It also allows for a more dynamic society that is robust, take for example 2020, countries had two options lock down or not, you can't tell me in between those 2 weren't a range of ideas that could have been better to try for different countries, but it all seems to go ahead the same way as the same people are making the decisions

yeah i agree with you on that👍

Does it is equivalent to "Money attracts Money".

I would say so, since money is only us trying to figure out how to value our time, labour and skill it's just gotten out of wack, so if you can create something you can turn it into money and then use that to multiply your creativity into something.

Lets say a blogger starts out with their own site and social network, in a few years they add YouTube and podcasting and turn it into a business just from turning their creativity into money and then leveraging each of it to amplify the returns

Well, it can be reverse also... That creativity generates capital... I know a lot of artists that are very creative people, and most of them are always broke... :)
But there are exceptions, that has build up and use their creativity to get capital... I wasn't lucky to be born in wealthy surroundings, but I believe that I can change my situation, and everyone can... (if you want that) :)

Labour and creative markets are the most unregulated in the world, we don't know how to accurately price creativity and labour and nepotism can count for a lot. I could be the chef of a billionaire and be rich or I could be a chef with my own restaurant working my ass off and not make half that.

Having to make it on your own steam is tough, you can't afford to make too many mistakes and can't afford to sit and think about what went wrong, its all about keeping the grind going as long as possible, until you hit pay dirt, lol somethings got to stick if you keep throwing shots at it right?

As I said, I do agree with your point of view, but I don't want to give up just because I'm not a millionaire...
I couldn't afford to drop a year at University because I will not have money to pay for another one... But, I know that people who had didn't care about that...

That would be your view about "making mistakes"... Yes, I have fewer opportunities than Trump's son, but I will try better to use them... :)

I'm nowhere near being a millionaire either, hope to get there for sure, would be great would afford me loads of opportunities. I think that first we need to learn to recognise small opportunities, see what problems you can solve, learn to start small and find ways to be productive.

It's how I managed to etch out a living, I learned marketing at a company and then took my show on the road, I am by no means rich but I am in control over my earning capacity and like everyone here trying to learn to augment that in other ways. Have I lost money in crypto yes sure more than I would have liked but I've learned a shit load and I feel I am much more equipped than I was coming into it in 2015/16

I totally agree that creativity solves a lot of problems! Maybe a lot of problems wouldn't even exist if creativity would be used properly throughout our lives.

I’m with you on that one if more people had their creativity realized in the real world who knpws what sorts of gadgets, improvements and advancements we would have and now we have a select few people thinking for the rest of the world

Competition starts with competition for ideas the more ideas in the pot the more options to choose from the better decision we as a society make as we have more abundance to choose from

I do hope crypto does help people find their ideas more than what we have been doing In the past! I’m sure there are plenty of good ideas sitting on the shelf jusy waiting for someone to believe in it

There is nothing better than a good idea put into action! We need people who are willing to fight for their ideas. Everything we have around us is because someone thought of it. An idea...

Exactly and I am pretty sure there were people who told them it was a dumb idea and now look today, so in hindsight, you have everything to gain and very little to lose. If you don't care what others think and feel an idea is worthwhile you should be rewarded if you see it through

I agree!

It seems to be up pretty nicely here recently. I hope it goes to $100K ;)

Lol I’m happy for a slow and steady climb so I can buy all the way up

Hey, @chekohler, another great post! It was interesting to read about your upbringing! The situation in my part of the world (Eastern Europe) was probably similar to yours. During the 90's our country underwent a transition period during which there was very high unemployment rate and as a consequence a lot of crime, and it has impacted the upbringing of many people born in the 70s-90s.

Let's hope that the future is brighter for all human beings! So, Hive on!

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I’ll be honest I know zero about Eastern Europe and the history I’ve heard some of it from polish friends but obviously that’s jusy a slice of it

I can imagine that the move from communism and all that change was not going to be a smooth transition! I’m sure the legacy still lingers on as it does here

If one waits to build a comfortable cushion first, that may never happen. We've got extra expenses raining down from all sides. So, I m trying to satisfy my creative urge by finding time pockets here and there. And I mostly focus on forms of art, creativity exercises, etc. Solving daily problems, sure. Plenty of those. But global ones or local ones that would change things for many people, such are those that need figuring out next.

That’s also true failure to act because you’re waiting for the perfect time I know that feeling it took me a year to build up savings to feel confident enough to quit my job and work for myself so yes the balance is different for everyone

Not everyone has ambitions to change the world but changing yourself is one, If you say become self sufficient you can teach the next one! If you learn about crypto because you could free up time to research you can help the next

So we leverage what capital and time savings we have with creativity and compound it! It’s the only way to truly find value in your time

What can I say, I feel people who have the creative abilities don't have the capital to bring it to limelight. Sometimes the risks can be crazy. And this allows the people with money to run the show

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Absolutely since you African you should know how African parents feel about creative pursuits you say you want to be a singer they tell you why not doctor or lawyer lol get a stable job! That kind of mindset while practical and I get it kills a lot of creativity

It’s a pity that only a few minds get to explore their creative side and being it to life! The marketplace of ideas clearly can benefit from more points of view especially from those in developing nations with diffrent experiences and upbringings

I'd say that's not in Africa only but the global rule. been that for many decades. And even worse before that.

I'd say, the thicker the population, the greater the robotization of the masses in that society. Unfortunately, some of the thick populations spread their happiness along with themselves across less populated regions of the world. Like Africa.

It's not about the nations now. It's personal responsibility and you've found your way, which is great. Few dare do it. But yes, one can help the next person, and so on. From a position of power.

Lol well I don't know much about the rest of the world, but I guess we all sort of do accept certain things regardless of culture and upbringing. I agree the more we consolidate things like cities the more group think and safety in numbers take effect.

I think there will be a rise of individualism and decentralisation with the help of crypto and who knows where that will lead us, pretty sure things have to change, we're going to be forced to now with all that's happened in 2020

Ah, there's that aspect, too. Virtual space gives But still virtual. But still space.

Most of us need things to change. It was always bound to be scary because it means the masses are forced out of their comfort zones. Which were illusory, anyway.

Expecting a collapse of the house of cards sooner or later was in the air. Was the "sooner" part still a surprise? To a degree, yes. For most of us. Cause we blame the status quo but we hope for the status quo to continue as long as we have the feeling we're still doing fine.

You some'd it up quite nicely and I agree with all you've said, I do hope that I am preparing in the right way, I don't know if I am but I am glad I am more aware than most and I am taking active steps to try and benefit from the changes in the world today. Someone else has to benefit from the change, so why not me?

Thanks to being here and near people like you, I feel more aware, too. And grateful for it. Doing whatever I can with limited resources...Building up, sometimes taking a step back, etc.

I agree, I can say I've learned tons since getting onto this side, more so than I learned on other social media sites, people here are open to learning and sharing what they learn its not a competition for attention its about creating an info base for us to all benefit from that's what keeps me coming back

Why are you obsessed with Jessies?

LOL because I find it drives engagement on my posts so I just kept it going, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

I thought it meant a flamboyant homosexual but i looked it up and it means an adorably cute girl!

LOL! Exactly you found the hidden meaning I think all my commenters are adorable because I have so few

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