The Secret To MLM and Internet Marketing Success

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Recognize that ALL mlm / Internet marketing opportunities are LEAD SYSTEMS.

They are lead system for the people who are selling marketing tools, training and traffic.

People may quit an opportunity and jump from program to program but they will never quit their traffic system until they die or quit marketing.

With that said, your plan for success is simply to promote the hottest, best selling opportunities in the market place. Doing that will get you paid leads or real serious people who will need the training and traffic programs that you promote.

Here are examples of hot opportunities that you can use to get paid leads. I love these ones because they pay daily and I get to promote my tools training and traffic system on the inside...

1.  Cost $12 and pays $10 for your referrals... click here.

2.  Free Members get paid for inviting other free members and $5 when their referrals upgrade. Paid members get $10... click here.

3.  Get 7 income streams from one website...  click here.

Training And Traffic

Click Track Profits


Infinity Traffic Boost

Before the Internet, MLM companies and top leaders would get you into the company with the products and opportunity then they would sell you a motivational book every week, daily audio tapes and a seminar ever three months.

With the Internet, you can apply this proven success strategy by promoting the best converting opportunities that you can find and then offer your training and traffic systems on the back end.


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Great advice @imbartley, and very true about the lead systems, keep it up and stay awesome.

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