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Last night during the Crypto Mondays show hosted by Jon Olson and Blain Jones. The topic of getting your first commission check or notification came up. And allot of people shared there experience. So for this blog post I will be sharing mine

Back in around 2005 I bought my first computer it was a Gateway desktop. Shortly after that I became interested in making money online. Look I didn't just want to make money online, I wanted to become filthy rich.

All the ad's I saw said that was possible all I had to do was purchase
some kind of software and let it do it's magic yea right. The only think that happened was me throwing allot of money away.

So among things I tried I joined this program (sorry I forget the name of it) well anyway I created an online hardware store. It was called Hanks Online Hardware Store.

It bombed it was a complete flop. I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't making any money, and I was frustrated. So after trying to make money online for a couple years I gave up that was 2008

Then in the spring of 2009 I got a postcard from Stores Online. I attended two conferences they had and purchased my own store. I twas not cheap. Anyway the name of my store was Alpinecameras. I was selling cameras,
well I was trying to. I tried everything they were teaching. Here is screenshot of what it looked like from the wayback machine

Then I stumbled upon traffic exchanges. First one I joined was Lords of Traffic. So here I am promoting my camera store on Lords of Traffic I was getting tons of traffic but no sales.

Eventually I started joining more traffic exchanges. Then I started seeing ad's for Worldprofit. Took awhile but I eventually joined now at first I joined to use there tools to promote my camera store.

I learned allot from Worldprofit and I will always be grateful to them for everything I learned there. Among the things I learned was not to promote the main site of what ever your promoting.

That you should be using a landing Page of some sort. I always remember something George Kosch said "Promote as much as you can wherever you can then go promote some more"

Now the good part I was promoting my Worldprofit pages like crazy in as many places as I could. And yes I was getting signups.

And I was also promoting clickbank products that were in the promo area. Products that George at tested and added there. But I was not promoting the link that clickbank provides for you. promoting that in traffic exchanges is usually not a good thing

I was using landing pages that George had created for the clickbank programs. And emails he had written for them. Now I had tried promoting Clickbank stuff before but with no success

Then in September of 2010 I got my very first commission check from a Clickbank product it was for $226.36. it was the first time I ever earned any money from affiliate marketing.

Here is a picture of my first check



Nice post Scott, love that you have a pic of your first cheque, good to see you have tuck it out and still doing it :)

An other GREAT one from you Scott!! Love reading this one, thx for sharing

lol that’s awesome. and you have a pic of the check. awesome.

Thank you very much for sharing your story and journey @scottrohn, it was very interesting to read and great advice about building your list, and really nice that you still have the check, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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