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We heard that so many times and try it too didnt we ....
I know i have been in past try many different ways...

Why do we actually do blog?

-we share experiences
-we share training and learning
-we share what we like to do
-we share what motivates us
-we share favorite hobbies

My Thoughts

I see Blogging as a way to meet new people who share like me their experiences and knowledge

Their opinions are extremely important for our further growth and advancement

You have to be able to withstand criticism and be better, because only honest opinion helps us

How To Start

You need Blogging platform Contact List Builder-you can use monthly or OTO Upgrade. They teach you how to make good funnel along with all training inside member area and start blogging at same time.

Just can't beat any other site-trust me.

The beauty is that with CLB Blogging you post at the same time with Click Track Profit Platform, which is a source of earnings with CTP Tokens and Hive.

Is a great community of great supporters, whether or not you are just a member or website owner.Is a great source of trainings, community and improvments all in one.

You can find me on ClickTrackProfit or Telegram

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://contactlistbuilder.com/mustangtraffic/earn-with-blogging/

I find blogging and writing in general very rewarding spiritually. It is very helpful to write your feelings down

Yes i agrie,i make notes all the time.


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Thanks for re-iterating the message.


It is great to be blogging on Hive and CTPtalk Elizabeta, and if you already have a Wordpress blog it's easy to just plugin Steempress to get your posts here too, if not you also have Dblog.org if you want your own domain on your Hive blog but not the hassle of setting up a new Wordpress blog, keep up your awesome work.

Yes i do have wordpress but this daily Luke post i dont but on general blog

It is a great thing to have so many options to get started blogging even without money to purchase a domain and hosting. And being able to use the Hive blockchain to share our blogs is a big cherry on top!

Yeah i love it