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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael the Traveling Trucker. Today's wild ride adventure is overcoming " THE NO" WORD. No is not a bad word.

We all have had someone tell us no. No No No, you can't go there, you can't have that, You can't see that show, listen to that music, visit that xxx shop, and the list goes on.


In our businesses, do we educate people? We should lead them, by listening to where they want to be. Most people give the fast answer No, because you caught them off guard. They don't know how to respond. They think they are getting rid of you quickly by saying NO. Say yes to business by clicking here.

You should begin gently by asking a few questions. I see you filled out the form to work with us online. Has something changed since this morning? What are you looking to do online? If you had time, how much would you be willing to commit each day or week to receive a commission? Are you willing to get some training? How much of an investment can you commit to your business? Would you have a monthly budget to help advertise your business? Would you be willing to work with a team?

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For some reason people don’t like to say NO, however, people sure are good at saying things like “let me think about it,” “I’ll get back to you,” ” sounds good but I want to talk to my spouse” or ” I need to talk to the committee.” There are infinite excuses. Does this mean that NO is right or wrong? It means people don't have all the facts. People fill out forms all the time and 5 minutes later, they forgot where they were online. You contact them, thinking you are going to get a good response, WHAM, no, no, no is what you hear. First off, we have to figure out why people are so uncomfortable, which can take some coaching and self-study.

What if you could achieve every quota… hit every income goal… and reach every personal dream… simply by changing the way you think, feel, and respond to hearing the word NO? Well, you can.

The relationship you have with the word NO… what you think and feel when you hear it, and what you do afterward as a result... is THE single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve in your life. That’s why despite having a great product, service or opportunity to offer, so many people fail to succeed in business... and in life.

But it doesn't have to be that way. A simple change in attitude and perspective could transform you from someone who is slowed down by failure and rejection into someone who is actually energized by it.

Mention: http://www.goforno.com/blog/

Turn Your Greatest Obstacle into Your Greatest Asset… Learn to Go for No!

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  1. The more times you successfully survive a rejection, the more you will “numb” yourself to the emotional sting.
  2. The more you face “no” rather than run from it, the more your courage and confidence will grow, making you so much better.
  3. By dealing with nos, your skills handling it will improve, eventually making you effective at keeping it from happening as often.

You Are The Master of No's

CTP TL2Ivm Business means taking action. That is a YES word. Click both links. We are here to see you succeed.

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Good post, I like your philosophy on NO. Asking questions is a good way to over come the NOs. keep up the great work.