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Hello Everyone, This Is Very Tired, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today's adventure is STORY TIME. A series of mishaps befell me, starting on Tuesday last week. I got to my stop in Rocky Hill Ct. Went to get out of my truck and dropped my phone and it landed on the screen. turned purple and DIED.


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Improvise: Good thing I had my tablet and laptop. Was able to stay in short communication with the office through email, my wife through tablet messenger, so we could talk. Wednesday, my trailer decided not to go to sub-zero temps. Picked up my load from Elizabeth NJ, on way to Aberdeen MD. Got to Aberdeen for my 9 pm appointment, only to find load shifted (leaning to the right) and they refused it.


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Adapt: So I sat all day Thursday, waiting to have load, re-stacked. In the meantime, I took the trailer to two different dealers to get it fixed. The dealers told me the problem was inside the trailer unit. They couldn't fix it because it was loaded, waiting for my reschedule on Friday. Waiting for my appt. on Friday, it stormed in MD for almost an hour. I had a 7 pm appt. I got there at 6 pm check-in. They came out to check temp. on the trailer (remember I said They couldn't fix it. ) The Temp. was reading 14 degrees. The place I was delivering to said, if it was not minus degrees, they would refuse it. I told the man what had been done to the trailer. He assigned me a door and said He would check the load. I backed up and waited.

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Overcome: I began to pray to my Heavenly Father , would you breathe, your cold breath on my trailer so They would except it. After I prayed, I looked the the left, to find the most beautiful rainbow. That is one one God's promises to us. I felt peace. 1.5 hours later, they brought me the paperwork, saying all was good. They kept the whole load.

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Yes, I lost to a rising temper. Fussed to my wife, how bad it was. Had a negative attitude for a while. Then God began to remind me how blessed I am. How these little setbacks were helping me to grow. God wrapped His loving arms around me and told me I was on His mind, day and night, how He wanted to bless me further. The devil was whispering in my ear, I couldn't stand in the storm. I whispered back, At least I didn't lose my golden fiddle to a hillbilly from Georgia. Please learn from this story, life is to short. Be a champion. Give thanks always, even in the tough times. You are more than you could possibly imagine.

For those wanting a business click here, you don't have to improvise ( our system is complete.) You do have to adapt to the system and we will help you overcome, to become the success story, you can write about, a day in the future. Remember you are NEVER alone. Get that deep into your spirit.

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Thanks for sharing your story of victory over adversity through Prayer! I love you answer the the enemy!! I actually laughed out loud, not the cliche LOL! Your post has been reblogged.


I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing your story! Prayer is so powerful. And I laughed out loud about losing the fiddle to a hillbilly in Georgia.

God is so good!