House not Organized but look Beer!

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I finally decide or took to the time to join the game recently
I got some cards so I able to brew yesterday

Frist Brew.jpg

There this task also to get cards in The pub at the Bulletin Board Daily Quest uses energy

This only Third day play This game


From the
You can use hive to buy #cbm

At the Game click on CBM at top and add the transaction
use the Hive Keys it make take a moment and also I had to confirm twice before it show up

This free and it shows how to set up the Hive Key on the second. cause I believe first one is about signup for Hive video after introducing video


I have my link. :) thanks to @rolie1212



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@zekepickleman are you versed in this awesomeness?!

Thanks for cool comment.

WTG Cheryl @adysscheryl for the awesome post. You set a fine example for others to follow.

Thanks 😊 I actually looked around for a post to comment on as asked questions

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